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May Allah Almighty keep all the friends happy and grant them long life. May Allah Almighty help all the friends to earn halal sustenance. May allah never put all his friends in any other trouble may allah help all his friends to always help others may allah give you happy life may allah help you to serve his parents may allah help all his friends forever May Allah help you to speak the truth May Allah help you to walk on the straight path May Allah never make you need anyone Amen

I woke up early this morning, first I washed my hands, then I went for breakfast, then I had breakfast, after breakfast I picked up my mobile and started using facebook for a while. Book run so long my mother has come my mother said out and the guests have come then I went out to meet the guests and then my mother said bring the fish from your base I said ok I will go then I have my Call your friend and go for fish from your base then friend said you are out I am coming some time later my friend came then my friend and I got on motorbike and went to get fish from our base after reaching there We also saw fish separately then we bought fish then I took some pictures and walked home



Shortly after arriving home, I reached home, handed over the fish to my mother. After a while, I sat down with the guests, then my mother told me to bring some examples from the shop. After that I will pay for the embroidery and spices again. I walked home and handed it over to my mother. We sat down with the guests. We sat for some time. And I washed my hands and we all sat down to eat.



When the guests left, my sister-in-law told me to get a belt from the shop for my little nephew. He took pictures of the belt, then bought the belt and gave the money to the shopkeeper. He walked home, handed the belt to his sister-in-law.



After drinking tea, my sister's call came. She said tonight is your sister's birthday. I am telling you. I said, "OK, we will all come." I am telling you, then I walked towards the gift shop and reached there. This is my engagement today



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Thank you very much for sharing your post in Steem-Travelers. We enjoyed reading it a lot :)

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Nice dairy by you. I enjoyed reading through it.

Waooooow the Tilapia will taste good when it is fried. I wish i had the opportunity to come so that we will share it.

Very beautiful watches you have got there. How much does one cost?

Thanks for sharing