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Hello STEEM TRAVEL, How are you all today and I hope you are always in good condition, I hope you are still enthusiastic in every activity today,

Thank you very much I say to all my friends who still always provide guidance and support in every way, and it is an honor for me, and don't forget to also respect the admin of the steem travel community @willeusz AND @hive-111293

In today's post I will tell you about my trip to the beach with my children and wife,


Starting in the morning, my children asked to travel to the sea and enjoy the sea atmosphere, in terms of the atmosphere is still early while usually in the morning the beach visitors have not come, they usually arrive in the afternoon, it will be seen a lot of people people are on the beach.

Because the children really like to be able to visit the sea and are impatient, I also have to obey them in the morning, so I also made preparations by wearing new clothes so that I could quickly travel by motorbike.

I want to go to the beach with my wife and children

So we set off that morning, and about an hour or so we arrived at the beach and parked the motorbike in a safe place, my children looked happy and ran along the beach, they seemed to never think again that we were very worried when they were I was on the beach full of waves, and I had to follow in their footsteps so I could keep an eye on my children so that nothing was there.

It turned out that they were smart in enjoying the facilities on the beach, the various games that were there he had tried it, from riding odong odong, swings and even other types of games that were there, I just watched him, because of the joy of the children, let him have a free day this is to be able to rejoice with what he wants there

I am very happy when I see them, I can be happy, even though the atmosphere is morning, the beach has not made any preparations in welcoming the visitors, usually they welcome visitors from noon until the afternoon arrives. Because my children arrived too early to this beach, of course they are free to ride the games that are there.

children running happily on the beach

child is riding odong odong

playing on the swing

After playing odong odong, my child started wanting to play on the beach and sitting on the sand, I also joined him, because I was afraid of big waves that might drive my child away, because my child certainly doesn't understand and can't swim, just he likes to play in the water and play with sand, while watching the children, I saw the natural beauty of the sea, and seen some visitors who were on this beach, they were also busy monitoring their children and enjoying the atmosphere of the sea.

playing with sand


beach goers

Not long after, I saw the buildings on the beach, so beautiful, and decorated with charm that makes the heart feel comfortable when you are here, Unfortunately my wife is sick, so I can't come along to see the waves on the beach, my wife just sits in a hut, and remotely monitor the children playing.


the hut where the wife sits

It didn't feel like the day was starting to get hot, I was already feeling tired from playing and looking after the children on the beach, so I felt that I had to go straight to the mound, and clean myself and the kids so I could get back home soon.

With everything, the children are certainly very satisfied with today's trip to the beach, and we immediately rushed to want to go back home,

That's the story of my family's trip to the beach, and hopefully this article will be very entertaining. GREETINGS



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