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Greetings dear friends and welcome to the first week of the season 3 of the engagement challenge.The last season was fun and productive and I am hoping that this time,it would get better than expected.I am at this point delighted to join the challenge.


A Job is whatever we do to earn a living.Some of us are civil servants,public servants,lawyers,doctors,teachers,nurses, business men,house wife and other professions and things we do to earn a living.Each job has its own advantages and challenges.

I have been involved in a lot of professions but for the sake of this contest,I will write about my teaching profession.

What are your daily tasks at your place of work or your daily activities?

I am writing about the teaching profession which is a training ground mostly done in the classroom.Here is a list of my daily task as a teacher.


The first task in the teaching profession is to report to the school on my working days.This involves dressing up, leaving the house, getting to school,and signing the attendance booklet.

The next task is to make sure that the school functionaries organise the students and conduct the morning devotion/assembly.In the course of the morning devotion prayers, national anthem and announcements are made.

Next task it to check the timetable to know the class where I am expected to be at each period.Each teaching period lasts for 45 minutes and so the teacher is expected to teach the students and summarize the lesson in a space of 45 minutes.

Infact, classroom teaching is the main task of the teachers.

Note Preparation:
Preparing the lesson note is another important task.This is because the lesson note is a comprehensive record of the topics that the teacher is expected to relay to the students.

Giving out assignments and homework is one task cannot be left out.After teaching,there is need to give assignments or homework so as to test the understanding of the students in the topic explained to them.Without assignment and homework,it is difficult to know whether the students understood the topic very well or not.

with the students

Other task include but not limited to:giving tests and examinations, although the latter takes place towards the end of the term.Sporting activities like football,table tennis, hockey, jumping are things that I delight in doing.I believe that education is incomplete without sports.

What is the biggest obstacle you have ever experienced while doing this activity?

There are lots of obstacles encountered in every profession or business.So the teaching profession is not an exception.Let me list some of them.

One of the obstacles that I encounter is noise making.Naturally, students like to talk and gist aplenty which translates to noise making (unorganized sound).This noise making makes teaching to be ineffective because it is difficult to pass the desired information in a noisy environment.

Another obstacle is the fact that some students are not very bright.This situation creates dissatisfaction in the mind of the teacher.Thus, forcing the teachers to repeat a particular topic several times.

Inability to meet up with the demand is another obstacle.There are times that the teacher is unable to complete the required number of topics before the term runs out.This is due to time factors and human factors.

Marking and recording of test and exam scores is another challenge.It takes time to read and mark the scripts coupled with other humans activities that the teacher is involved in.

What is your greatest hope in the future related to your activities?

Education is the future of the world.Imagine what the world would have been without teachers.Every other professionals like doctors, engineers,nurses,lawyers etc were at one point taught by a teacher.

during sports

In the future i hope there would be more teachers who would in turn train other professionals.I also see a future of invention of technology in the teaching field thus making it more productive and inturn making students to be passionate about learning.I am sure there are more potentials and development that would be welcomed in the teaching profession in the coming years.


There are plenty of job and professions spread across the corners of the earth.All of them are beneficial to the society in one way or the other.Teaching profession involves teaching students according to the educational curriculum as well as extra-curriculum activities like sports, vocational training among others.I wish to invite @patjewell @mvchacin @alegnita to participate.

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Thank you for reviewing my post.


With my pleasure...🙏

Teachers are really doing great work. I remember when I was teaching SSS classes during my service year. Mehn... It wasn't easy preparing notes. I think teachers need to be paid more than any other profession because they deserve it.

Well-done and kind regards!


Thanks for reading my entry.I taught during my service year too.It wasn't really easy to make those notes and meet up with other things.

I think teachers need to be paid more than any other profession because they deserve it.

True.I agree with you.

Fiend, you are a teacher like me. I am thrilled to find a colleague who performs his work with love because it enhances our profession. Blessings.


Good to see your comment on my posts.Teaching is a profession that is borne out of passion and dedication to impart knowledge to others.I am glad you are into it too.

You have written so well about your job and I must commend your effort because being a teacher is not an easy task, infact it is one of the job I don't think I can do, you encounter series of student stubborn, noisy, annoying and so on yet you have to teach them. May God crown your effort in this profession.

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Noise making is an obstacle you have to always deal with no matter how you try as a teacher, on daily basis you feel headache as a result of too much noise that comes from the school environment, well done my brother.


Noise making is an obstacle you have to always deal with no matter how you try as a teacher, on daily basis you feel headache as a result of too much noise that comes from the school environment

This is very correct.Noise making is one of the biggest obstacles in the school.

I take my hat off to you!
Teachers are special creatures, gifted by God.
To look after peoples’s children is no easy task.
Thank you for what you are doing!
Good luck for the contest 🤞🏻


Thanks for reading and commenting on my entry.It takes patience to teach and handle people from different family backgrounds.


Well done!!!

This is Indeed a colleague in th noble teaching profession and I'm glad we're helping the world in our little efforts.

Just imagine matured people making noise in a gathering before you realized that students are way better.

Best of wishes


Thanks for going through my post.I really appreciate.Teaching is a good profession as it affords one the opportunity to train a lot of persons who would certainly become adults in the near future.

I believe that education is incomplete without sports.

You are right and sports has been incorporated in education very well these days . I remember that in my school , we rarely used to have any sports activity and that sort of teaching was boring.



Thats very true.Sport is now an integral part of education because some students are born to be sports men and women and so the school should be harnessing ground for them.

El trabajo de docente es uno de los más nobles e importantes ya que está en sus manos la formación de hombres y mujeres para el futuro de una sociedad. Felicitaciones por tu maravillosa tarea

Hai teman, kita memiliki oekerjaan yang sama, senang mengetahui ada banyak orang yang memiliki profesi seperti ku, tetap semangat dan sukses untuk mu

Teaching is one of the most important things you do. I always have and always will respect every teacher Because teachers can give this nation an educated society. I like your work activities. Wish you all the best.