Book review: The gods are not to blame

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I have read a lot of books, but this very book is so much interesting. It is a fictional play that will completely change your way of thinking.
It was written by a Nigerian writer, Ola Rotimi....
The book review, you will love to read it.
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Title: The gods are not to blame
Author: Ola Rotimi
Type of book: Drama
Number of pages: 72
ISBN: 978-978-030-644-1
Publication date: 1971
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Reviewer: @chaalee

Review on The gods are not to blame.

This story is all about a young man, Odewale, who has been revealed even before birth to kill his father and marry his mother.... Interesting...
He was brave and strong, but later gave in to all these bad things that were predicted of him.

This child has been prophesied to be an evil child and that he will cause great calamity to the people of kutuje village. He will marry his mother and kill his father..... Wow!!! Let's move on.

Now the child's father, who was the king of the village, ordered his trusted guard, Gbonka to go into the bush and kill the child since he has been cursed to bring burdens upon the people of kutuje. But the guard did otherwise.
He handed the child to a farmer in the bush, who had no children.

Now, this was where everything got messed up. The child grew up with the farmer into a responsible young man. But later on, his uncle later found out about him and revealed his tragic destiny to him. He was afraid, he thought the farmer and his wife were his real parents. So in order to avoid such abominable act happening with them, he left and went to another village.

In that new village, he both a land there. He farmed and cultivated different crops to keep himself alive.
One day, an old man came up to him in the farm and asked him to leave the land, that it belongs to him.

He refused and fought with the old man until he killed him. He became frightened and left the village to another village. He kept on moving from one village to another until he got to his parents land, kutuje. All these he never knew that they were prophesies being fulfilled.

Now in the land of kutuje the people just lost their king and their enemies used it as an advantage to attack them. Odewale who was brave led the men of the village in battle with their enemies and they won.

In order to honour him, the people of kutuje land broke protocol for him and crowned Odewale as their new king, giving him the wife of the late king as wife( his mother), therefore fulfilling the whole prophecy that was seen even before he was born.

The new king now promised to find the person who killed their former king and pluck out his eyes. He never knew that he was this person.
The priest of the land saw vision and told him that he was the one who killed the former king, but he and the other chiefs didn't believed.

Another man said that the king was killed by an arm robber.. he was asked to speak in front of the king. This man who was an eye witness of the murder was Gbonka, the guard who was asked to kill the child in the forest.

Gbonka is now old and Alaka, an old friend of Odewale helped him revealed the truth.
Odewale now found out that he was the one who killed his father, the late king in the farmland conflict and also, married the Queen, his mother, all these to fulfill the prophesy.

His mother, who is now his wife couldn't bear the truth and had to kill herself. He also, in order to fulfill the promise he made to the people of kutuje by plucking out the eyes of the person who killed the former king.... he removed his eyes and banished himself and his four children from the kingdom.

Confusing play, right..??? This is interesting. It's a story you can't predict untill it ends, even though the prophesy has already given us good thinking.

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