Movie: A Week Away — 2021

6개월 전

Hello Steemians!
Let me share with you a movie I saw, about a Christian summer camp experience with a shower of love drama...

A Week Away — 20121


Genre: Musical, Romance
Original Language:English
Director: Roman White
Producer: Steve Barnett, Alan Powell, Gabe Vasquez
Runtime: 1h 37m
Synopsis: Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) is at loggerheads with the police after a series of crimes peak at stealing a cop car. He is given two options - juvenile detention, or A Christian summer camp. Will's first time in such a nice but unusual setting has him shaken more than a bit. But meeting Avery (Bailee Madison) warmed him up for a great experience!

My take away: Whatever your genre, this is beautiful!


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Thanks for tagging me.
I don't like those kind of dance movies


I can understand. Thanks for stopping by...