Love does not grow old

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I hope all is well. Today I have come up with a research for all of you that I have done on people. I am very surprised to know that people who love them over time. Love does not diminish but it does grow. In some cases it has happened that people spend so much time with each other that they find themselves after their passing and even after their death. Feel the same

These are not just stories and sayings but they are factual things that if we research on them or we see dozens of people who have lived a happily married life for fifty years. Love each other and love each other more than ever because they are so attached to each other that they know and recognize each other deeply and value each other's feelings. And even after one of the two companions leaves, they don't speak there and always remember them

Some people believe that after giving each other so much time, they become accustomed to each other, which is why they can't tell the difference between love and habit, just like people adopt a habit and they I can't leave them but I have my own idea that love comes from the heart and it is based on the fact that people who love each other even if they don't love each other. They do as much as they do when they are together

We should cherish the feelings of our spouse and have a good time with him which you will always remember. It will bring a joy in the life of all of you. They think I want to live a better life than my spouse, so he buys gifts for them, respects them and expresses his love in words. I have also seen people who You have to be courageous and tell them how much you love them, it will increase their respect for you in their heart and you will make your relationship better. Will be able to

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