The dairy game spend a good day in bank

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Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well. I had a great day
I worked for the bank in Punjab all day today. I live in very good banks in Pakistan

10:00 Am

Our branch is around 9 o'clock and is open but customs starts after 10 o'clock. We try to give them good green service and they also like our services.

12:01 Pm

I've done a lot of work on the computer, about six to seven accounts were opened, people were reading and today I had to complete this work, so I took about 2 to 3 hours to complete it and call them and tell them that Your account has been opened and you can deposit money in it

2:00 Pm

Since my overall job is to open an account, a few more people came to me to open an account, so I filled out their form and opened an account.

4:00 pm

After that I started working in the bank for my other countries or I used to call people and tell them about their time check book that they have come to the bank and take my card and check book from the bank. In addition, you can call people who are not using your account and have a very low balance in your account to ask them to keep more money in your account and also to inform those whose accounts are about to close. If you do not make a transaction, your account will be closed

5:00 Pm

It was about 5 in the evening and it was time to be after the bank. Then we closed the bank and everyone went to their respective homes. I also call and the car arrived to pick me up from the bank. I got in the car and came back and I drove food during that time and also did a lot of shipping and had a great time.





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