The diary game 20/08/2021 some books and how spend my whole day

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Hello everyone I hope you are well and have a good life If I lie down one day, I feel like I'm still asleep. I suffer from a slow pace while doing everything. If I get up in the morning according to such a routine, everything is done in the best way. And nowhere do I get bored

morning time:

I had to buy some goods from the bazaar today so I went to get some things which were books, some were vegetables and some were fruits.

So I first went to the bookstore where I ate coffee and bought a few masks that are now spread all over Corona and because of that there are so many essentials and because of our government we have a lot of hardships. We are facing a lot of difficulties in enforcing the precautionary measures, so we have to follow her and we have to be careful.

After that I bought some fruit which has the number of common at the top because the common season has come today in Pakistan and it is called the king of pro and I eat it with great pleasure. This is my favorite fruit. I mostly use it to make Malik Shake and I like to drink it every evening as long as your season lasts.


After that I ate the fruit which is a big shrine. I put a lot of cream in it which gives a very soft and delicious taste.


After that I turned to sweet and sour junk. Usually I don't like it that much but if their juice is made it is very tasty and when it is made and I also dislike it if I don't use it every day. If it is done in such a way, then half an hour and half of the sweets come out of them. I buy them in some zakat. I pick up the ones that are sweeter than them. Go


After that I didn't give anything special to him either. In that time a friend of mine saw me there so I stood with him for a while then I met him and came back home and we met in the evening. Planned because we have to gossip together in the evening so most of the time we become Muslims we will sit down in the evening and do some gossip


after noon:

In the afternoon I bought a packet of leases from a motorcyclist who was selling a lot of things and because please I like them very much and one of them is the View Lease which is very exemplary. Ate from



Because in the evening we had planned to sit down and gossip, so I went to the present and sat there giving something, then I came back at about nine o'clock, so I hope my whole day has passed. You will all like this post


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Photographerfaheem akram (me)

Thanks for reading my post

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