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Hello i hope you are well today my day starts with breakfast you get up early in the morning because i have to do it after a while and I have to run after that i go to a hotel to eat Went on because I came here in Sahiwal and I had some work at university and at that time I was kept in a hostel. I went here for two more days and nights to eat. Meet me from which I chose a box and decided to eat and ate with great pleasure because the chicken qorma is made very well in this hotel so I ate the same



after noon:

  • Visit a colony:
    After that I went to see a colony which was made magnificent. It is made up of people's partnership. Both of them have contributed half of the project. Is expensive land because it is on the road and its location is very strong. Right in front of it is a university where a good education system has been established. Its price has gone up further. Construction has begun. The project has been going on for almost a year now and the two partners have invested a lot of money in it.







  • Moon photography:
    At night I scissor the moon because I love to photograph so wherever I like something I definitely take a picture of it and I always do that how beautiful you look here And what a beautiful light it is. If you look at the moon at night, you feel calm because it separates you from the busyness of the world and helps you to think because it By sitting alone and watching, you can better focus your mind on one place. Arshad's way of thinking is completely different. Some people may not agree with me.



pizza party 🥳🎉:

We were planning to have a pizza party at night so we went to the Italian pizza shop to have a hearty meal. They make delicious pizza. That's what we ordered first. I had a shop membership card. The advantage of this car was that we could pay for any product and buy it and get the same pizza at a lower price which is quite expensive This card is usually made for Rs. 500 in Pakistani Rupees which is usable for one year.




Camerapoco x3 pro
Photographerfaheem akram(me)

Thanks for reading my post

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