The Govt. of Bangladesh has made an ordinance against rapist highest punishment of death sentence.



Recently a new disease has emerged in India and Bangladesh. And the main cause of this disease is the actions of some inhuman people. Yes, I am talking about rape. Rape is the most hateful and inhumane act in human society. The incidence of rape is increasing day by day. For some people with some distorted mentality, the lives of many girls are coming to an end. The lap of many mothers is becoming empty.

All these beasts are roaming around in public with little or no punishment under the laxity of various laws and political support. So people from different scopes of life have started protesting and marching against this rape in cities and villages.

In Bangladesh, student social organizations have recently formed a huge protest movement in the streets against the rape. After many years, the opposition has taken out huge processions and raised their voices against the incompetence of the government. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has also talked about this issue with Europe and America.

In such a situation, the Bangladesh government has brought a new law that the government has always been aware of and strict against rape. Bangladesh's law minister Anisul Haque said that the death penalty is the maximum punishment for rape. And when the Corona situation is normal, it will be passed as a permanent law in the legislature.

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