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۲۰۱۹۱۱۰۹_۱۱۱۹۴۷.jpgHello dear friends, I hope you are well.
Today I want to show you some pictures of coelenterata

The shape and structure of coelenterata is very beautiful and interesting considering their life

۲۰۱۹۱۱۰۹_۱۵۳۶۳۴.jpgLike a ball that has a lot of holes👌😍


۲۰۱۹۱۱۰۹_۱۵۳۶۴۹.jpgAn example that looks like a deer antler😍

۲۰۱۹۱۱۰۹_۱۵۳۹۱۱.jpgAnd this one is like a tree branch👌


The more we examine the living things around us, the more we face new challenges in this world

Tiny and large creatures with different structures and shapes of beautiful and attractive colors, each of which certainly came into being for a reason.

If from now until the end of our lives we look for all the living beings and other known living beings in the world, we may still find newer beings that we were unaware of.

Thank you for being with me so far🙏


I took these pictures with my mobile phone(Samsung galaxy A50)

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