The Prodigal Son; Retold in Limerick Style

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There was an old man in the village,
Whose sons and servants worked in tillage,
But the younger of sons,
Was consumed with his wants;
He ended up abusing his privilege.

The younger son really was greedy,
And he wanted to move to the city,
The lad wanted his hands,
On the inheritance;
He thought where he was wasn't befitting.

So the father divided his living,
And the young lad his portion was given,
So he took his belongings,
Went to a far country;
To live his life as he envisioned.

There he dined and he drank with his friends,
And to the wine and the girls was no end,
There he danced and played ball,
And when he had spent all,
Came a great famine upon that land.

So he joined to the folks of that city,
And his state of living was not pretty,
In this he did dine,
That he fed with swine;
His former friends on him had no pity.

Then he came to his senses and said,
"Even the servants of my dad have bread"
Why then do I hunger?,
I hunger no longer!
I'll arise to my father and beg.

I'll say to him, "Father, I've sinned,
Against you, against God and Heaven,
Now I see what I've done,
I'm not worthy to be your son
Please make me one of your hired men"

So he rose and went home to his dad,
And his father whom was very sad,
On the way saw him coming,
Left all he'd been running,
And ran with great joy to the lad.

Then he kissed his son and his son cried
And said "Dad I have sinned in your sight"
But his father commanded,
That his son be handed
The best robe and a ring on his right

"And bring ye the fat calf for this night
Let us feast now for this son of mine
Now is free though was bound,
Though was lost now is found
And though he was dead, now is alive"

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