A review on a Wattpad Story "Something Spectacular" by April Avery

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Something Spectacular written by April Avery on Wattpad is one of my most favorite story to read. Even though I've been spoiled, I still look forward to reading it. When the time came, it proved to be a watershed moment in my life. And at some stage, Something Spectacular saved me.

This story is about family, friendship, and discovering yourself in the midst of society's expectations that turn us into something we are not. Since time is fleeting, this is a tale about appreciating what we have now.

When I was reading the story, I was very emotional at that time. I can't stop my tears from falling because I then realized that I’ve been stuck on something I really don’t know. I'm in a serious situation that I can't think about because I don't know what to do.

The story is about everyone who is actually going through a difficult time in their life. People, especially millennials, who are befuddled and afraid to face reality. Who are afraid of change and what that change could entail for themselves or those around them.

I can somehow relate the character since she's trying to make sense of her own world. Her fear of failing those around her and her struggle to take a chance for something she aches for. She is consumed by anxiety as a result of the relentless pressure to keep up and be on top.

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The character's group of friends astounded me as they have a deep desire to hold each other close because they're not just friends, but a family.It made me realise how wonderful it is to have a gang with whom you can find a home, and it demonstrated the power of friendship in one's life. Their love for each other, their friendship, and their passion for each other gave me hope that there are others like you out there. All you have to do now is look for them.

Therefore I can conclude that life is full of failures, rejections, and disappointments. It's all a question of how you think you'll handle it. What matters is that you are satisfied and that you are doing what you really want to do.

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