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Learning can be anywhere, anytime, and from anyone. Learning is not only focused on school, college, books, television or the internet. Learning can be from anything, even everything in this world can be made into learning, including animals.

Animals created by God to coexist with humans can actually teach you many life lessons.

The lion is an animal that is often a symbol of the brave, one of which is because the lion has the nickname the king of the jungle.

The qualities of a lion such as calm in hunting prey and will not stop before the prey is found, can be an inspiration.

Be brave, tough and confident

Lions are known as brave and tough animals. He is optimistic and always wants to be the best. No wonder, he is often referred to as the king of the jungle. In addition, when looking for prey, it will follow its sense of smell which will direct it to find its prey.

In this case, only the lion can carry out the search on its own. It teaches us to keep believing in our own abilities.

Collaborate with friends

Although the lion is an animal that is confident in its own abilities, it is still a social creature. A herd of lions will generally help each other to stay alive.

It teaches us to cooperate with our friends, both in good times and in bad. In addition, the lion also teaches us to help each other when friends are having difficulties.

Focus on purpose

Lions are known to be very focused when preying on other animals. It won't make much noise, but will only focus on its goal, which is its prey.

Without making much noise, the lion silently watches and approaches its prey until it catches it. It teaches us to stay focused on the goal by doing a lot, but without talking too much.

Not afraid to fail, even learn from the failure

When hunting their prey, lions have a fairly high percentage of failure, especially when their prey is also the target of other predators. However, from this failure, the lion even further honed his abilities so that he was able to catch prey, even those that were larger than his size.

From here, we can learn not to be afraid of failure, even learn from that failure and develop strategies so that it doesn't happen again in the future.

Can enjoy life

As their habitat becomes more limited, the lion's life is getting tougher and more challenging. They also have to fight harder to get prey. In fact, they still seem to enjoy every moment with the herd. They don't want to be stressed, they still hang out with their herd.

They also allocate time for rest every day. It teaches us to still be able to enjoy this life. Do not let your work in the office interfere with your personal life. Leave your work at the office so you can still rest and have time with family at home.

Those are some life lessons that can be learned from an animal. God is great. Everything He created must have its own function. Likewise with the existence of animals that can provide many life lessons for humans.

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