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How are you friends stemians!!?
Let us take lessons from the animals that are around us because learning can be anywhere, anytime, and from anyone. Learning is not only focused on school, college, books, television or the internet. Learning can be from anything, even everything in this world can be made into learning, including animals.

Animals created by God to coexist with humans can actually teach you many life lessons. Anything?

Cats as four-legged pets that can be spoiled as well as fierce but still cute attract the attention of many people. Starting from his habits that are considered funny by humans such as climbing, hiding, and much more. However, it turns out that the instincts that lead cats to do so are already within them.

The nature that cats have by tending to focus on themselves as well as their happiness actually has a positive value. His cold, indifferent and mysterious attitude makes you love this cute animal even more. Yes no?

Besides being adorable, cats are also famous as pets who like to be nosy and make trouble. But his cold, indifferent and mysterious attitude makes you love this cute animal even more. Whether we realize it or not, it turns out that there are so many life lessons that we can take from the daily behavior of cats.


Among the interesting behavior of cats is about their independence. Cats are always looking for their own prey. And strangely enough, cats never want to fight over, let alone fight over what their seniors have. Whatever the old cat has mastered, the young cat will not take it. Apparently, cats also have manners that are not easily broken.

When it comes to catching mice, cats have a good strategy. With just the movement of its eyes, the animal worked, until the mouse could not recognize that there was a cat in the room. When the mouse being targeted is negligent or not alert, then instantly with lightning as fast as lightning, the cat pounces on it. Soon the mouse's life was killed. Apparently cats do not want to make their prey suffer for long, just waiting for death. It seems that cats, in this case, are more human.


Love yourself

Cats display a loving nature but still limit themselves when it comes to themselves. Likewise, humans must love themselves more than anything else. Always prioritize the good for yourself so that you can be happier and not easily feel insecure!


Even though they seem dependent on humans, cats are actually more independent than one might think. They just feel the need to eat and drink because they are staying at your house. However, originally they can be independent and stand up for themselves without the help of others. This should also happen to humans, never depend on people if you can do it yourself!


Be someone who is full of confidence

Confidence is the initial key to success, even if you don't feel confident in your heart, don't show it! Cats are animals that always prioritize self-confidence, you will never see their faces that feel less confident. For example, when he fell, he did not feel less confident even though he had failed.

Can't give up to get what you dream

Cats are animals who are willing to do anything to get what they want. It doesn't matter what way he does it, as long as he gets whatever he wants without stopping. Likewise with humans, we should not easily give up getting what you dream of!


Face your fears!

No matter what happens, you have to face your fears like a cat. They dare to jump to high places without knowing how to get down. Don't be afraid to do anything in your life, because you only live once in a lifetime!

Well, those are the positive qualities of cats that you can take as lessons. There's nothing wrong with learning from other creatures, right?

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