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The bee is one of the animals that has its own uniqueness. Many things we can learn from a bee which is an animal that has many benefits. So, what can we learn from the life of bees? The following is an explanation of how we can learn from bees

Bees only eat good things

Bees will not take food from flowers that are still young (not yet blooming), nor from flowers where there are already other bees. Bees always choose to only take food from flowers that are fresh, clean, and good. We as humans, when we want to find work, start a business (both business and others), or choose the food we will eat, look for good things. Look for the best.

Bees are high achievers

This is part of the attitude of a believer. They will not stop with something mediocre. A believer should always strive to achieve the best.

A bee will not take anything from a flower without benefiting it

In fact, the benefits provided are far greater than something taken by the bees. Bees take pollen from a flower and put it on another flower, which is what the flower needs. Just as bees have a relationship with flowers, every human being also has a relationship with other humans/creatures. In our relationship, it would be better if we imitate the behavior of bees. Give something that makes other people's lives better, and don't take something that can cause harm/loss to them. Don't be too demanding from others, but focus more on how we can provide more benefits for them.

Bees will not demand too much and do not put pressure on other creatures (flowers)

When a bee lands on a flower, especially a flower that is stronger in strength than a bee, it will not land completely until the flower is broken/damaged. The bee will flap its wings and surround the flower. As humans, we have to introspect ourselves whether we demand too much from others, for example to our children or to our colleagues. Then we have to fix it so we don't become someone who is too demanding, because what we do can make other people feel pressured/hurt.

Bees are social creatures who don't envy each other

They make their nests collectively. They work together for the common good. Often in Muslim communities that lack faith, some feel envious when they see the success of others. And when we get success, we rarely want to share it with others because we are worried that that person will have the same success as us or maybe even exceed what we get. We should stay away from these traits.

Bees are humble creatures

Whereas humans, sometimes when they are busy or famous or get a lot of pleasure, humans become arrogant, don't want to spare their time for others who need it. Or even feel better than others and do not want to associate with those whose position or situation is lower than him. Let us learn to be more humble like bees.

Bees benefit the wider community

They do not only benefit themselves and other beings who are directly related to them. For example, they produce honey which is very useful for humans to have good body resistance and can also cure various diseases

We should learn knowledge from bees. Not because of his physique and charm that is less attractive, but because of his commitment in acting and doing. Humans have the glory of other creatures. However, human conduct and honor can be more despicable than animals.

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