IRON MAN 3 (2013) - A Movie Review


On my sixth halt in the MCU ride, I'm finishing a trilogy here.

IRON MAN 3 (2013) - USA
Dir: Shane Black

My Rating - 3/5


Finally an actual 'entertainment'.

Shane Black? Oh I know Shane Black. Got a whole history with Lethal Weapon and The Nice Guys. Well, I love the guy.

I like this one. The plot really doesn't make much sense, but it had some moments. Those moments, I believe, were executed better than most of the other mcu movies. This time they didn't feel too distant and artificial somehow. Has some cool lines, and genuinely funny at times.


What I don't get is that why mcu messing up with Stark's character because honestly, this trilogy didn't do anything. First one set a foundation but these two sequels are dummies, story-wise. Feels like they keep rebooting the first film over and over again. Probably the most entertaining mcu movie I saw after Iron Man. 3-3.5/5

IMDb Rating - 7.2 (WHAT?)
Letterboxd - 3.1/5 (that's a good boi)


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Thank You ❤️

I so love Iron Man! Well.. ironman and robert dawney jr, lol!
Thank you for sharing!! :)


His character is so cool and RDJ plays it great! 😃😃

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