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There is a very common and true saying that "Health is Wealth". Nothing is supreme than what our health stands at the present moment. Health helps us to enjoy all the little things in life. One can always make pride in maintaining health fitness. If ones health is not good, they fail to enjoy the life properly.

A sound body has a sound mind

A healthy and active mind is essential to reach day to day goals in the balance manner. To maintain a work life balance at all times which is key ingredient for healthy body. We will need to work well, eat well, sleep well and do exercises to be exemplary for the next generations.

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A healthy lifestyle makes our life easier and joy full. A good habit such as getting up early, maintaining personal cleanliness, proper and balance diet plan, doing physical exercise and adequate sleep and rest etc are the key elements which help in the achievement of good health. If the person maintain his proper health there is no need to visit a doctor again and again. It save our time and money also. The importance of clean mind for good health cannot be undermind. A mind is powerful tool to make a healthy body. Joyfull spirit, laughter, clean thoughts etc has an impact in bringing about a good health. If one ignore above all the things, he may be face many health difficulties and also realize the importance of good health.


The causes of poor health are millions globally. An unhealthy lifestyle is a common problem now a days. The food that we eat is contaminated. Fast food, cold drinks are on trending now a days which effect our health. Our cities, towns and streets are polluted which has an great impact on our health. The air we breath is full of dirt. Other than this, an unhealthy lifestyle also a main cause of poor health. Inadequate sleep and rest, no physical exercise are also effect our health.

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Health is wealth. A healthy man is a wealthy man. Maintain a good healthy lifestyle is very important, especially now in this pandemic.

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