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In the last twelve years of my professional life, I had the opportunity to talk to millions of people and consult thousands of people. These people were not satisfied with their life for some reason. There were many reasons for this, but one reason I saw common in all people and that was that they were living in life. These people included women and gentlemen 'young' and people belonging to every field of life.

Unfortunately, when the children grow up, they see a crowd running away and close their eyes and start running with the crowd, without thinking about where this crowd is going and what is the destination of this crowd and my destination is the same. All the life passes through the crowd and when they run in the last part of life, they are disappointed to know where I came out. I did not want to come here. Then they give the rest of their life to the same crowd Let's spend


If you look back and forth, see if you see an object that has no purpose. Whether it is the sky, 'stars' moon' sun or tree or earth, it is a purpose that no object or living thing will be seen without any purpose. There is no purpose for the creation of the universe. You will not see any of the hundreds of parts of your body that have no purpose. If they are eyes, 'nose' ear 'hands' or liver' heart 'lungs or tears. There is a function of each organ. So does it make sense that if If all the small parts of an object have a purpose, then the combination of all these parts will have no purpose? If there is a special purpose for all parts of human beings, so should the combination of these organs.

In the holy quran, verse 115 of surah al-mu 'minin is narrated:

"Do you think that we have created you useless and that you will not return to us?"

In verse 36 of al-qayamah, Allah said:

"Does man think he will be left idle?

Thankfully, these verses proved that there is a purpose for human life like all the universe and everything in this universe. Now the question arises what is the purpose of life? But before answering this question, let's share a research with you. In 1998, we asked the high school's three hundred children and children what is the purpose of your life? More than half of them were worried about whether the purpose of life was also, the answers that the rest of the people gave were something like this:

The children's answers were something like this.

1_to reach a high position by developing
2_ c.a to PhD
3_making money

While the form of child responses was as follows:
4_ nice place to marry
Training 5_children
6_ nestle house

Listen to these answers carefully and think about them, so you will know that one of the uncomfortable and strange types of chaos in our society is also the main reason that people do not know what the purpose of life is. Hearing the answers of these children, it is also known that their parents and teachers do not even know the purpose of life. After all, these children have learned this from the same environment.


When the child opens his eyes, he does not see his father talking about money and on any topic, so he understands that this is probably the purpose of life. He sees the father lying for 10,10 rupees, 'sees the effort to increase growth and salary', he sees the parents fighting on money, so he knows that life is nothing without money. The girls also learn from the mother.


1_read something will not get the relationship

2_ learn some home appliances will not get a relationship

3_ learn English, good luck will get 4_ mba do 'become a doctor, get a good relationship

5_ come straight, otherwise you will not give any relation

6- listen to the hair 'take care of yourself will not get the relationship

When this girl is older, she has only one purpose in life and she is to marry.

I first said that no item or human being was created without purpose. Now I ask you if you do anything without purpose.

The purpose of the bath is to eat 'purpose of eating' purpose of drinking 'purpose of sleeping' purpose of reading 'purpose of going to school and college' purpose of going to the office is that everything has some purpose. Not only this, but if you are not doing anything at any time, just lying down, there will still be a purpose to lie down, such as relaxing 'time.

So everything has a purpose.

So stop worrying about Mr. Life and sustenance and learn to live. Unfortunately, today's man is not doing the work that was entrusted to him, but he is worried about the life and sustenance which is not his responsibility, but Allah's. Why do you worry about the work which is entrusted to you, because you have to be questioned about it, which is your responsibility. You have to pay the right to be god's deputy. Do your work and let allaah be the ruler Let's do your job.

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