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Social media refers to the means of interaction between the people. Through this mean they create, share and exchange their ideas, views, information, emotions among each other. Social media allows an individual to communicate with their family, friends or any other person. Through social media a person can share their thoughts, happiness as well as problems with each other. Social media make an easy to interact with anyone at any time across a distance. It creates strengthens bond with your love ones. Distance is not matter just because of spcial media. It covers all the distances. Through social media the whole world is at our fingertips. It hepls us to update from all the world. It helps to create oue mind interest, increase knowledge amd also provides kob opportunities. Social media is now widely used by everyone does not matter he is child, young or an old one. But now it is more popular among youth. Social media provides a great platform for any person who has talent. It provides job opportunities. And also a good mean for a companies who wish to promote their goodwill, product and brand. Through social media you have connecting a great relation with your customers.


There is an officer behind this who manage all the social media apps like Facebook book, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Whatsapp etc.
Facebook is most widely used app. It is a platform to connect a number of people at one place. Through this app people can share images, videos, ideas and views etc. Facebook provides agood privacy policy for both public or private account.
Instagram is also an app that is used by people. Like other social media apps ypu can communicate woth your friends and family. It allows to share images, vedios and calls etc. Instagram has some unique features. It provides two types of accounts to its members which are pubic or private.
YouTube is an app who has great content for any age of a person according to their interest. YouTube provides earning opportunity to its user. It helps to earn money by maximum subscribers, likes and views.
Whatsapp is another widely used app. It is a great platform for massaging, calling, sending images, vedios and voice etc. It has some extra features like voice call, vedio call, data backup, share location and documents.


Like how there are two sides of a coin. Social media is widely used and popular mean of communication. But it also has some advantage as well as disadvantages.
If we look at the positive aspect of social media it has numerous benefits. First of all it allows to connect with your family, friends and your love ones. Social media is a great device for education. All the information which we require we will get from social media on one click. Students can educate themselves by using this. On the other hand, we always update on the latest happening throughout the world. Being a person, we should be aware about the issues of the world. Social media provides a job opportunity to the people who have degrees in their hands but they wonder aimlessly. A person who has talent, he can earn in a billion through social media. It increase our visibility. It helps us to create mind intereste and increase our knowledge. Social media provides an opportunity to talk about ehat you know and what you want to do.
Behind this, social media also has some disadvantages. The unique features of social media also has good as well as bad. It is a harmful element for a society. The over sharing of personal issues, images, vedios and voices may create problems. The addiction of this may effect the performance of the students as they waste their time on social media instead of their studies. Through social media fake news are spread which poisons the mind of a person of peace loving citizens. Social media makes a target for hackers. It also leads to cyberbullying whivh effect the person significantly.
But at the end it is totally depend on the user. Excess use of everything is bad. It is necessary to create a balance between academic performance, physical activities and social media.




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