How to clean our home without harming ourselves.

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How to clean our home without harming ourselves.

It happens to all of us that the day to clean our home comes and we do not have the motivation to do it, we believe that it will take a long time, that it will be difficult and even boring, which then does not help us at all, besides most of us unknowingly use extremely toxic cleaning products that poison our space and those who live in it.

But it really has to be so we can clean our space without so many toxic substances and in less time; I must confess, although I regret that the most difficult thing for me was not knowing how to clean a home and this is because well when I lived with my parents because we had their help, I remember that at my parents' house many products were used to disinfect and clean as chlorine detergents and even caustic soda and if these products clean and disinfect very well, but they also contain many toxic substances that harm us.

The truth is that I do not think that my parents knew the damage that these products did to our health because if they had known, they would have stopped using us, just like you, if they continue to use it, it is because they probably still do not know that these products are very bad for our health, for example they knew that chlorine gases can burn the mucous membranes of the nose and lungs or that caustic soda can burn our skin or that there are many toxic substances in the detergents we use for clothes that can cause cancer or tumors.

If I need to clean something, I only use the multipurpose cleaner that I make with vinegar water and lemon or orange peels, our space has to be clean but not sterilized, it is not like we live in a hospital, we can simply have less unnecessary things so as not to clean So much and have more time, buy products that are friendly to our health and the environment or better yet make our products at home with natural ingredients and without any toxic substances.

Cleaning our space does not have to be a boring task or one that we hate, personally I have learned to enjoy the process for several reasons, the first is because it relaxes me to focus on other things than work, the second is because he used that time to listen to audiobooks and learn something new and the third is because it gives me the opportunity to appreciate what I have while I am cleaning it, since by doing this we focus on what we already have and not on what we need and the more we appreciate what we have as more good things will continue to come into our lives.

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