Dear Rainy Writer


Dear Rainy Writer

When the wind was blowing outside that day, I was feeling the touch. I stood by the window grill and stared at it.


Suddenly your father called and said, fix a poem! We both love poetry. After getting the phone, I also went down to Kavitabunne. In one place, there was talk of 'writing in the rain'. Look, your father used the word 'rainforest' there. Hearing the word, I fell in love. I shouted for joy, "Hurray, my daughter's name will be Brishtilekha." Your father gladly agreed.

Yes, from the day you were born.

Know that your father loves you just as much as your mother.

What would you look like; Your eyes will be like two fathers, or like a mother; Your first bully will start with the mother, or with the father --- you know, how many childish quarrels with your father! Your hair will be as neat as your mother's, your house will be full of dolls. Like your father you will be a bookworm, there will be a small decorated library in one corner of your house. Ah, how many dreams revolve around you in our minds!

Dear Rainy Writer, you know, every time your dad left, I would hold on tight. I didn't want to let go. You must be like me when your father leaves saying 'Dad, oh Dad, you don't go!' Ahlade said, wanting to hold the legs of the whimsy to hold, so no, say?

Your father says, you love your father more than your mother! Girls are very fond of parents!

Every time Dad returned home, he would bring you chocolates, buy you nice clothes, and return home with all your favorite toys. Then did you jump into your father's lap with great joy saying 'Baba Baba', and kissing and caressing your father's cheeks and neck all the time, right?

To love dad so much, yes, tell me?

Dear Rainforest,

Now let's come to the real word. Your father and your mother are getting separated. We are leaving on two opposite banks of the river. We have decided that we will not bring you back to this world. Because when you come, there will be various crises with your patriarchal identity. That is why your father decided not to show you the face of this world.

Maybe your father will have a nice family. Your grandparents have children in that house. Your father will forget you instantly. Yes, you can, you can go. But me? I'm mom, I can't forget you at all!

Well raincoat, who do you really look like? Like me, or like Dad? I understand the eyes would be very beautiful like two fathers? If you smiled, would you read the toll on your cheek? Did your parents have the same toll on your chin? The color of the skin was pale like father, or green like mother? The hair was curly like dad, or creeping like mom? Like a father who loves to read books? Must be very talented like father? Jhumur jhumura dhupiye to dance to the tune of the song after the legs dhungiye, right? To be a man with a big heart like mom, no, say?

He must have hugged his father and joined him in singing. Why are the eyes filled with tears?

Well, your mother's life would have changed dramatically if you had come, wouldn't it? She wouldn't cry alone in the middle of the night every day, would she? All his time would have been spent to stop your crying. Your mother would have given up on her long-held plan to commit suicide, thinking of your future, wouldn't she? Your mother's house would have been happily filled if you had come? This house and this house, as empty as your mother's house, would have been full of joy everywhere, wouldn't it? The line of eternal bliss would have fallen in the eyes of your ever-sad mother, wouldn't you?

Your mother taught you love, kindness, responsibility and being great, rather than teaching you math and English, wasn't it? You must be a very compassionate person like mother?

Dear Rainforest,

I'm sorry. Sorry, both of us. Your parents are getting divorced. You forgive both parents. We did not let you come to earth. You could no longer come into our arms for us. The two people closest to you have pushed you the farthest away today. We have limited you to just one name. I just gave you a name, I didn't give you life anymore ... I couldn't give it anymore. Forgive me, raincoat.

Rainforest, innumerable rainforests like yours are born in this world as just a name, born as human beings and never rise again. Forgive us for limiting you to name only.

One thing is for sure, your parents really loved you, loved you, loved you.

This is
your cowardly-selfish parents

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