🎂Birthday Special (A poem to my Younger Sister) 🎂🎉

4개월 전


MY SISTER my Friend
Who always there for me
When ever problems came
Who will always helped me
In the nature of struggles
A little one but who carried a big Thing
You deserve what's the best
Because you always be the best
On your day, a special Day
Thank God for the another Breathe she have


A day when she born
A day that God bless this Girl for us
A day she started to talk
A day she started to walk, to run
A day that we are so proud of you


Continue serving God my dear
In anything he will provide and protect you
Surrender all your struggles to him
And he will your strength
My little Sister my Best friend
Continue to reach your goal
And be yourself no matter what

     Happiest Birthday My little sister🎂❤️

Thank you for reading my inspirational Poem to my sister. This is how I love my member of my family. I hope you'll be appreciated my works. Thank you and Godbless us Steemians! 😘😘😘LOVELOTS❤️❤️❤️

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Loved it! :)
Happy birthday to your sister, she looks so happy :)


Thank you so much @fendit , I will relay your message to her. Well appreciated ❤️