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Curtains Open"""

In a mysterious paradise in Barcelona, There was a Girl who named Olivia, the woman who never felt in love in her whole life. And there was a Game Place who Olivia created this Area. In this place there was so many man who enter, where Olivia created just for fun.


Man 1:Hola! I'm Cassandro and how about you?
Olivia:Hola Cassandro! I'm Olivia! Are you ready for a Game?
Man 1:Game?I thought you will find someone you love.
Olivia:Yeah that's right! But the question is, Are you ready for a game?
Man 1:I'm sorry Olivia, it's just a waste of time, it's just because of a game! Seriously? Sorry Olivia, I have to go!
Olivia:Sure! MERCI!

When the Man 2 enter:

Man 2:Hola!I'm Salvador. How about you?
Olivia :Hola Salvador! I'M Olivia! Are you ready for a game?
Man 2:A game? Are you kidding?
OLivia:Yeah! Indeed! A game. Would you like to continue?
Man 2:Hold for a Second(he try to swap his self to another man,which his brother but this man don't have the interest to join)

Man 3:Hola!(shy)I'm sorry, I'm a little bit nervous, to be honest,My brother pushing me to enter this kind of game as what he said!?
Olivia:Yes a Game! By the way I'm Olivia and you are?
Man 3:I'm Dominador, nice to having you Olivia (Sincere Smile)
Olivia:Okay Dominador, are you ready for a game?
Man 3:Sure I'm in, What that's game Olivia?
Olivia:A game like this! Dominador.
Man 3:Like this what? What do you mean Olivia?
Olivia:You're the one Dominador!
Man 3:I'm the one in what? I don't understand Olivia.
Olivia:And this will understand you Dominador, Many man say no for me because of what I said, that i will find a man that who will get ready for a game. A game, that I find a man who would not say No for me! And here you are, you are the Sincere man I've been met. MANY man enter a relationship just for their fun. And we, woman also too. I'm the kind of a woman who will test all man how sincere they are it's just also for their doings that I hate!. So I test you!
Man 3:Sorry Olivia if there a man who will do like that! But my brother says that this is a game and not for a man to be yours.
Olivia :Yes! You're right! I have an instinct that's why I chose you.
Man 3: But why?
Olivia :I can read your mind Dominador and it is said, you don't look for a love, you also hate it because of your past, your ex- girlfriend gaming on you! Right? And also you like to revenge and find another girl to revenge.
Man 3:I'm sorry Olivia! Many girl doesn't like me it's just because I'm Poor ang low of appearance.
Olivia:Yeah, I know! But you have to realize that Love is not a game!, it is a true in Life. You don't have to revenge, but you will find a way that people realized for it. I know you will also understand what I doing Dominador! Because I hate that way. We have to realized the people out there.
Man 3:Thank you Olivia! I Learned many things from you!
Olivia :I know your heart Dominador and I feel it thats whY I chose you!
Man 3:Chose me from what?
Olivia:To be my man with a pure heart.
Man 3:Are you serious Olivia!? Even if you know what my true color is?
Olivia:As what like I've said Dominador, I can see your heart and mind because i have instinct in the feelings of every people. Thats what i chose you because i see my future in you.!
Man 3:Thank you Olivia, for believing in me. (😍)

Curtain Falls!


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Thank you for reading my Play. Thank you @belenguerra, @fendit and @writingnreviews for creating this contest. It helps me to widen my knowledge in creating a play or their dialogue in a Play. GODBLESS AND ENJOY READING!

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Nicely done!!! :)

Congrats on being one of the winners of this week!!


Thank you so much for selecting me as one of the winners. It's highly appreciated ❤️I'm looking forward for it. ❤️