The teacher gods of Ceylon who brought the rich and the poor on an equal footing. by @sumu

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Due to the Covid epidemic, government and all private sector activities were adapted to the online system. School education can be highlighted as a prominent part of it. There are many tools that children need to continue their education online. It can be any computer, tablet or smartphone and related internet facilities. Another essential qualification is that children live in an area where telephone signals are well received. These conditions did not apply at all to the children of parents who have good money. They got all the tools they needed for an online education. Even small signal towers were installed in homes. But this online education system was a dream for the children of parents living a very difficult life outside the city. They also seldom have access to safe drinking water. The number of times children who are gifted in learning drop out of education due to their poverty is infinite. There was nothing they could do about it.
Now all education has come to a standstill due to the teachers' strike. Now the children who can and the children who cannot are in the same place. The impossible has not made much difference, but the possible have become impossible. Teachers, thank you for understanding equality for one section of society. He pointed out the impact that an active school system can have on the country and society. With the blessings of all the innocents who are eager to embrace the school mother again, we hope you receive your requests as soon as possible. We need you. Be careful!

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