My favourite and beautifull animal

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Aslam o Alaikum :Hello all pet lovers I hope
you are very well and healthy Today my first
post in this community I am very glad to join
steem pet lovers

I have a two cats in my house
Me and my family like it very much
Because cats are not dangrous



in the picture my showing cat is very beautifull
pic of my cat is cute I love him it very much because she are very beautiful its colour is white and brown
Its two eyes and four legs
she eat the bread
she drink the milk
she run very fast and catch the rats and eats because
rats are damage crops ,furniture ,wheat ,rice,
fruits ,vegetables , clothes ,etc

Its my second cat picture

This is my second cat. My second cat name is mureri
its colour is black and white
Her hair is very nice
she is very soft

I hope all my friend you like my post

Special Thanks






#steempetlovers #steemexcusive
#photography #pakistan

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