Beauty Of My Village

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Asslamu Alaikum

Hello every one ,Hope you all do well .And all your health is also well .Steem Passion is a community where everyone is hard working.I have already started hard working on him .

My village

Everybody Loves His Village .All the People of Honest and Hardworking .Most of the villagers are farmers .Some of them work as a labour .My village is clean .There is no smoke .The climate is good .It is free from dirt,dust and mosguitos .The people of my village live a simple life .They live unity amongest themselves .It is the best place on the earth .in the In the morning, the honor of our village is very lovely .Council of birds speaks very beautiful .Every bird is humming in its own voice .The weather is very beautiful in the morning . The cool breeze in the morning relieves the heart .



People in our village live more simple in these ears .People who build more houses are very skilled and very beautiful .And their sen is very big .People's houses are raw by going to our village .Because they do not have enough income to build pucca houses .The people of our village are very simple .If some people's houses are fixed, then it is very simple and something comes. There is no concept with a letter in the people who build pucca houses in our village. They make a very simple house And the houses that make houses are very big in size. The houses that are built in the village are in the context of the cities, they are very large. The people of the village are mostly uneducated, so they do not build more beautiful houses.




People take care of animals .Animals are found in a lot of controversy in the village .The people of the village take care of the animals to get milk.And sell the milk, he runs his home system The animals found in the village include buffalo cow and goat. Cow gives more milk than buffalo .Buffalo milk of Ratan cow breed is more powerful. Cow's milk is thin Have liked the milk of cow in out of countries.Because there is too much energy.Goat cradling is also a Sunnah of salute to you, so people in the village raise a lot of goats and you can go by sending them .Raises in goats and sending them makes a lot of fun. A goat is an animal that is centuries old .In the village people raise goats and sell them one goat on Eid and charge a very high price. The cow buffalo that is fed in winter is barseem.These four are not big enough, It has about 2 fit .And this feed is sent much ,





People in the village cut the fodder and serve it ready .Toka machine cut the fooder and sent it to animals .In the village, people make pickles of the things of time like corn hybrid Jawar Bhasin etc .In the village people take care of animals .In every village in the village, there are animals in every house at around ten or twelve .in the villages woman are hardworking than city and take care of animals .children of villages are hard worker .children of villages are strong than city children .Because purest things are available in villages .Fresh vegetables are available in villages.Every villagers take interest to grow there own feeds .


A canal is flowing close to our village where people take buffalo and cow to the village and they are brought there .Animals take a shower there very happily .In order to get more water in the nose, animals do dips and supreme there in the morning. The people of the village take the animals on the canal everyday .Do not even bring animals and bathe themselves . Canal water comes to us in summer .We also plant canal water .Canal water has a lot of strength to pick the crop.




The food that the people of our village use is very simple to eat. In our village bread and rice are used a lot .Bread has a lot of power .This bread is made from the flour of weat.People in your village use roti twice a day .People in our village love oven bread .





They are heavily cast in our village .Corn is a crop that is also used as fodder. People glass it a lot .Corn flour is very much used in our winter season. People use it together .Corn is used in variegated things in which chips ,and other more things .The people of our village, charge too much by corn and charge a lot from it.






Tobacco is very much cast in our village. Its flowers are white in color. Its length is about 3 or 4 feet .First its seed is grown.And then it becomes a paneeri .When its paneeri is round about one month and And it is put in the ground .After about 15 days, its paneer branches start coming out. Tobacco is a crop that is widely used in the world. And people use it as a drug And a lot of people get used to it .When the tobacco becomes 3 months, it is then cut.And then it is dug in a pitcher and pressed into it. And then it is taken out after 15 days .And the news is celebrated with Suresh leaves. And then will send him up and send them and charge a lot of compensation.

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Assalamu Alaikum, you have shown the work of the people of the village very well. You have also shown money in it and you are eating buffalo fodder and you have also shown the crop of Mickey. This is the identity of our area. Like


Thanks brother

I have shown a lot in my post. Tandoori bread is eaten by the people of the village at noon and this bread looks very delicious. I also eat the same tandoori bread in the afternoon. I liked your post very much.


Thank you very much