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In the name of Allah,the most grecious and most merciful.hello every one ,i hope all of you well
I woke up in the morning ,When I woke up,At that time, Imam Saheb was allowed to come in the mosque today. I got off my bed .And put on my shoes ,And went to the bathroom .After form from bathroom .I started wadhu ,I went to the Masjid after doing the wadhu,I paid Fajar prayer.And i recites Quran Pak .After recites to the Quran Pak, I returned to my home ,I take off my clothes
And I went to the washroom to take a shower .After washroom i came out .I get dressed .My mother told me that you have to go to your sister today,

Way To Basirpur

I took off my motorcycle .And i rode it .I was traveling alone .Due to the single road on the way, there was too much of the train and the road which was there was also bad. I was riding a motorcycle like this .My mother told me not to scare the motorcycle at a high speed ,So that's why I was riding such a motorcycle slowly slowly,15 minutes later reached Basirpur ,And there I went to a fruit shop

When I reached the fruit shop, And I saw that different variety of fruits were present there I love Peach and aloo bukhara ,I bought peach and Aloo Bukhara .The rates of shopkeeper's fruits were very high. I told him to reduce the rate a little The shopkeeper told me that nowadays the days of corona going on, so the market is i purchased peach and plum And I turned to my journey in the village .Reached a shop after tem mintues It was a small dhaba Where there was cold water and gotta


I told the shopkeeper to give me a glass of cold almond water ?The shopkeeper gave me a glass of almond water When i drank it it was so cold Drinking it gave my heart a lot of relief Because it was very hot today His jack was awesome . I liked that very much After 5 minutes , I left. and i go to a village permanand I reached the abadi permanand after ten mintues

When I reached my sister's house, all the people were present in the house I met all the people My sister told me brother, you sit down and I come for you bottle. My sister gave me a biscuit and a drink.I eat biscuits and drink
I took rest after eating drinks and biscuits My sister made me cook for me And I started talking to my brother-in-law My sister's children were young They were very naughty We gossip a lot my sister to make biryani for me

The color of the making looked gorgeous And when I ate it, it was amazing to me .She smelled so sweet ,His line was also awesome .It was made in a big way ,Each of his rice was narrating to different heavens. All the people were eating him with great passion I liked that biryani so much I ate two plates .I washed hands and mouth after eating biryani .My brother calls me and come back to the shop soon I have to go to work somewhere stayed there for a while And got away from there meeting all the people Reached the shop 40 minutes later in the city
And when I reached my shop, my brother told me to go to work somewhere and work at the shop. I sat at the store Our spray manure mine and clown shop .I run the store well It was evening after sometime I told my brother where are you Brother said that I am also in the city on Deepawali, you should close the shop and go home. I closed the shop and went to my friend's hair When I reached the shop, there were a lot of people present there. I told my friend that I have haircut .


And when I reached the shop, there was a lot of rush I told my friend that I have to get manure and haircut in every situation, my friend gave me time with great difficulty, I got my hair cut. Because nowadays the days of corona are going on, the shop closes at 8:00pm this evening. I got my hair cut and washed my face and sat on my motorcycle and got my work done And went to my home

I hope you guys like my diary today

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