Ancient institutes of my city.

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Hi all my friends of this wonderful community. How are you all? I am fine, i hope you are also doing well. I am almost new to this group. But i can see this group is growing fast. Credit goes to @ahmadcmk. His hard working mentality is taking this community to a different level. Today i am going to share with you some important and old Institute of my city.

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This is our general hospital. This was established in 1917. This is more than 100 years old Institute. From british period this hospital is serving the people ofour city.

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This is moyez monjil. This building was established in 1885. People's of this house played a significant role in the politics of subcontinent. Many renowned political leaders visited this house. Former health minister of Bangladesh Kamal yousuf belongs to this family.

3rd picture


Faridpur central jail. Established in 1825. During british period. It's almost 200 years old.

4th picture



This is Faridpur zilla school. It was established in 1840. I studied in this school. This is the best school in the district.

I hope you like this post. Show me love thus i can regularly post in this community.

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I saw your post. Your post is very good and you are working very hard and honestly


Thanks man.

Hello you collect such a nice and beautiful photography you mention such a historical buildings in your post which is very beautiful collection thanks for sharing such a nice post in our community thanks


You are welcome.