Dear Justin Sun – (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My (@adalger) open letter to you!

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Hey there Justin Sun !


Who am I ?

Let me just briefly introduce myself. I am @adalger and I am a Steemian since August 2018, so for exactly one and a half years now. I actually never was a fan of social media platforms and up to today I do not possess and Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter account or anything else. The reasons is simple, I do not trust social media platforms that are owned by big companies, which are able to to with their members whatever they want in a blink of a eye. For me personally, my data is only my data if its my data. Its quite simple. Back in the days a friend created this Steem account here for me after telling me that this is a decentralized platform, the Blockchain, where each account belongs to the actual user, where there is no censorship or ownership by any company. I was actually really skeptic, but already shortly after I started blogging, I met people in the Blockchain that I really liked and nowadays it feels like I am a member of a gigantic family, an amazing family, a family that is worth to be protected at any cost.

Why do I care about our Blockchain ?

Everyone here is free to be himself, free to show their unique skills and discuss their interest with each other. And more important, no one is owned by anyone. We do not have to fear to be judged for being ourself, or that someone just cancels our membership and throws us out, or have to be careful what we say no matter how weird our own individual opinions may be sometimes. This here feels like a real big family with all its love and also all its flaws. We can get mad, we can get pissed, but in the end we still love each other and stand together whenever necessary.

This family includes people which are like tutors, kind of like mothers and fathers, people that you are joking around everyday about the biggest nonsense like brothers and friends. There are people also distant relatives which you talk to for a week intense and then pause until one day, a few months later, you start to chat around again as if nothing happened. And I have to say this again, we are owned by nobody and are totally free to express us in the way we want to. This is soo important, far more important that you possibly could imagine. This whole Blockchain is run by its members, it is evolving new projects and forms communities based on the members interests. It is run by us for us. We are improving us ourself by critical judgement between ourselfs and not by getting told what to do. This independent of the community, this love, tears and blood that we are all investing by ourself, by our own means, is what creates all the value in here. This is what community means for us and is basically what defines our Steemisphere. Not the blockchain, not the cryptocurrency, and not anything else. We are all free do do as we want, to collaborate as we want, to be who we want to be, and this is what makes this place so magical.

Do you know what you did Justin ?

Let me make it clear in the beginning. I do not want to judge you or make you point in all this to be the bad persons. But can you imagine how outrageous I was, and not only me, that I heard that there is a guy now out there who wants to get everything of this under his greedy claws ? I actually have to admit that I am definitely no expert on the technical aspects of how a blockchain operates, but I know that this is absolutely dangerous and the worst thing that could ever happen to this community. You have to understand that this would be the end, the death, to all what we created here in this years. I understand that you are a businessman and that you may not understand this whole concept of what this blockchain represents to us to a fully extend, but you actually poured some poison in the water that runs through the house where our whole family is living in. From our point of view, you were trying to get all of this for yourself without carrying about the community. I am actually quite sure at this point that when you started all this you did not know anything at all about how we all are feeling about Steem within our hearts.

Did you notice how fast and also how many people in this community gathered around to raise against this extremely despicable theft of our freedom ? By the way, did you really tried to bribe exchanges, so that they stole funds of people to power it up to quickly take over the whole blockchain ? I actually though in the beginning someone is making a joke, as this sounds like the plot of a drama about corrupt politicians (Ok, those are really handling things like that) or a mafia movie where one gang wants to take control over a new district without the need to go and shoot them in their faces directly. But no, I quickly found out that this is really true. Wow, on the one hand you have my deep respect for being such a cold-hearted gangster. It takes a lot to be so cruel to don't give a shit on the steemit community at all. But on the other hand, how the fuck could you even dare to do this ? Nevertheless, your takeover plans did not work out as planned and now you are stuck in a war. The exchanges and you yourself are officially brand-marked as untrustworthy businesses and unfortunately for you this will be never forgotten and always hold against you. Your reputation is actually not worth a dime anymore. But I may be wrong. Normal people would probably not like to deal with you anymore, as they may prefer trustworthy partnerships, but maybe in your branch (I am not a businessman, I don't know), being a scrupulous person who cares about money and nothing else is exactly what they are looking for, at least if they also only are interested in money, money and more money. But again, I try not to judge you, but this thing is going highly emotional for most of us.

So what are we doing now !

OK, we are all stuck in this weird situation and we all want to find a way out of it. We have to stand up to protect what we all love, our freedom and our blockchain. You have and the exchanges have to stand up to protect what you all love, your money and your reputation as businesses. As far as I understood you are only interested in the money and you are having a real big stake invested in here. Your gods are the gods of money and you are free to decide to chose to worship them. But we also are free to chose which gods we are worshiping, and we choose those of freedom of our own mind and property. Luckily, if this is the case there is a super easy solution to it. So the basic idea would be simple. You will get your money and we will keep our blockchain. The question is only, how do we manage this to work out. There are some witnesses out there that are discussing eagerly and really want to make this war-like situation in which no one likes to step back easily, to be ending. And they want it happen in a fashion that everyone can benefit from it.

I am not an expert in those things, and do not know the details, but what I defenitely know, is that there is no problem that can not be solved and most of us are willing to resolve it. I also do not know how this will end up, but I can promise you one thing. Even if you get this blockchain in the end, you will never get the community. What is the sense in becoming the King of the greatest empire in the world if all the peasants just move into the neighbor country leaving the kings empire deserted? Please sit down with our witnesses and discuss how you can solve this situation in a manner that is suitable for all of us. We do not want to mock you or want to kill your reputations out there any further, but we also will not just let you steel our freedom from us. If its just the money you want, then this should be a easily solvable problem, right? Just be reasonable and lets discuss this out. Lets do small steps if necessary. But lets not behave like 3-years-old children in the kindergartens and be stubborn and unreasonable .. please.

Now some words to the community and the witnesses if I may

Hey there Steemiands out there. I know that this whole situation sounds completely stuck and many of you are angry or afraid of that is going on right now. But please try to stay calm. Go and vote for our witnesses if you have not done it yet and give them some time and trust. They are giving their best to think about how to resolve this situation. Meanwhile just go and steem on like you always did and don't panic ^^

And you witnesses, I am so glad that you managed this whole situation so quickly and so super calm and reasonable in the beginning. This is not always granted naturally and deserves my biggest respect. Please go on and try to save us, the community. You are doing a great job. Thank you !!

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I choose to tag all the people of the Amazing Nature Contest announcment list. I actually can not speak for all of them and some may disagree with my opinion on the situation. But if you have the time to do so, get active and write your own letters. We all here, every single one has an voice that is important to be heard and that counts as much as any other voice too. Take your chance and fight for your Blockchain !


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Best wishes,

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Thank you for tagging me @adalger. I would sit and contemplate what to write to Justin.


Thats great to hear, I would be glad to hear your voice too 😉 .. We really showed what we Steemians are made from and that we as a community can not be bought 😁


Hahaha! 😂 Yes, you'll hear my voice very soon. 😂😁

I resonate with your worries though I am too new in this platform to have a clear idea about the conflict (already started reading various reports about it). Couple of weeks ago I wrote my thoughts and experience on various social so far:
Best wishes for steem and it's related products, it's a pity to see one more nice idea go down the drain.


Just don't worry to much .. The whole community and the witnesses fought back in just a si gle day and stopt the plans of Justin .. So right now the situation is under control 😜 .. Actually this whole situation even united us all together far closer then ever before and make us all aware of the power that we have unified 💪😁

Hi, I liked what you said.


Thank you 😉 .. I am glad to hear that 🤗

Nice job @adalger, very powerful and touching letter.
I am going to try to put together a letter today, try and appeal to @justinsun 's
humanity and integrity, remind him the reason people stay here is freedom and a close sense of community.
If he pays it right, everyone can benefit.


Thats great to hear 😁 .. I just hope that we alm can resolve this weird situation very soon and get over with it quickly 🔜 .. It is so nice to see how the community sticks together 😍