An ephemeral life


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There is a wonder, I behold everyday.
None is born an old person,
As the iroko tree at the center of the forest is once à seed seedling
Every living thing that has a beginning,

Thus has an end.

These wonders amaze me,
How every living age with time.
The mystery of all time.
The children of today; leaders of tomorrow
The instructor of today was a learner of yesterday.

The wonder that would not cease to be
The best of yesteryears; the archaic of today
And the best of today will soon give way to the best of tomorrow.
Nothing lasts forever.

Why dying on what does not last
Why pay more attention to the perishable
Why not seek knowledge, court understanding.

Money spent on attires is wasted.
Gadgets soon become occupiers of space.
So commit yourself to what lasts forever - Wisdom the principal thing.
Even this doesn't last forever.

At a pearl of point wisdom ends up being a folly,
As same six feet lie ahead of him and the foul.
Nothing lasts forever.

Run the race of life with ease,
As no one is sure of tomorrow.
Many would say;
My death is not now, but what if the giver of life takes it.
Nothing is forever.
With time it becomes perishable.

Own properties from here to London,
It all thrives at the winds as nothing
Will follow you after your demise,
Nothing is forever.

A poor of today could end up being the rich tomorrow
While the rich of today could end up being poor.
Life is not static,
Nothing last forever

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