withered beauty


Her true beauty leaves behind
Apprehensions in all mind
Of more sweetness than all art
Or inventions can impart;


Long smooth tendril.

On a rich humus soil,
In exotic perfume, it blossomed.
Bedecked in the richly adorned crown,
The aura thus inviting.

Kings sought her to touch,
Village head longed to smell her;
Princes loved her to woo,
Chief sought her beauty in homes;

Suitors uninvited flatter her round.
Union with the sun she chose,
Sun always radiant be,
Sun always dazzle be,
Draining life bit by bit,
Flirtation deep cunningly cover.

Wrinkled rough trend,
On a sapped brown soil,
In an aura of self, it mourned
Bedecked in the sun-sapped crown,
The aura ants, maggots invite.


She has forgotten, everything is time,
Nothing lasts forever.
Even weather change, nothing is static forever.
As the beautiful flower of today dies.

Be quick and be decisive,
When you are being paraded by any suitors.
Chose while the time is ripped.
Choose wisely out of the consulted suitor.

Remember, beauty fade;
Even the most beautiful flower withered away,
When lack nutrient, so as human beings.

All will one day be forgotten
As just a page of human life
it will one day turn and be closed.

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