You are not alone!


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Have you ever tried to do a project on your own and you just can’t succeed?  You try everything in your power, but you fail every time. You get anxious and frustrated and the project stands like a mountain in front of you.  You just want to give up and throw in the towel. 

A colleague sees your desperation and offers help.  At first, you are reluctant, but eventually, you just give in.  

They listen to your problem and suggest a possible solution, and then within minutes, bam, your project is done!

You can’t believe that something so difficult was solved in a few minutes.  You feel relieved and accomplished and it feels as if a weight is lifted off your shoulders.  You are so thankful for the help you received that you take your colleague to lunch!


Most of us go through difficult times in our lives.  We often feel as if we just fail at everything and never succeed.  We feel miserable and alone and get to a point where we just want to give up. 

Then we turn to God and ask for His help. All of a sudden, nothing seems so difficult anymore.  We feel light and we have the strength to take on the world.  

Did you know that God wants you to come to Him with your problems? 

Did you know that God has a plan for your life, and it doesn’t matter how desperate you feel, you can always go to Him for support?

While we are in isolation, take the time to build your relationship with God. You may feel desperate, alone, and miserable.  What do you have to lose?

God is always there for us.  God is good.  God is strength.  God is our support!  

We never have to be alone again! We never have to feel desperate or miserable again! 

Spend time with God and get the support you need.   


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We are never alone fighting Cancer 💕

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