Mozzarella Chicken & Veg Bake



I have a rather large family... when we are together, we are 10 adults and 5 kids to be specific... and whilst I absolutely LOVE cooking and entertaining my family, I have to be quite "wise" when selecting what to prepare as the guys eat like horses and I have limited oven space. lol

On this particular occasion I decided to try something different... Essentially it was a casserole or stew if you prefer, but instead of doing it on a stove top, I thought I would try it in the oven as a bake...


It was a REALLY easy dish to prepare, which is precisely what I want when the objective of the afternoon is to be having fun with the family!

So I grabbed a rectangular baking dish, and put the first layer of veg in, which was diced baby marrows...


Added a little chopped basil, lemon thyme and rosemary


Followed by all the other veg... which consisted of sweet potato, Italian tomatoes, diced carrots and a little onion


Then I placed the chicken on top of the veg and lightly spiced it. My best pieces are the drumsticks and thighs so that is normally my "go to"


Then I made a thickening mix which consisted of two heaped tablespoons of flour, a packet of dry chicken soup and about a cup of milk. shake it up until well blended and then pour over the chicken and veg.


Possibly the YUMMIEST part of it all... was adding the slices of Mozzarella on top of everything... I learnt a cool trick with Mozzarella... because it is quite a soft cheese, it can often be difficult to slice it anything thinner than in doorstop size - stick the block of cheese in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes before you slice it. Works like a dream every time!


Bake it at 180 degrees celcius for approx. one hour and voila!!!


Grubs up folks!

If you do give it a try, I would absolutely LOVE to get your feedback :)



Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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looks delicious :)


Thank you!

Now this is one I will definitely be making, sounds so delicious and super easy. I've made one where you put raw rice into base, top with sauteed mushrooms, onions and peppers, chicken pieces -thighs and drums certainly the best;) topped with mushroom soup powder and chicken stock mix, also nice and easy but your version will be kinder for the carb conscious family members;)

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It really is both of the above @lizelle! Oh and yours sounds AMAZING! I will have to give that a go when Jude is not around... he DETESTS mushrooms lol!

Bookmarked and I will speak to the boss in the kitchen most urgently my friend.
I love stews and casseroles (thank you spell checker) and I am not a great eater, but we can cut the ingredients way down, as there's always only two of us.


yes... easy enough to minimise that dish... pretty self explanatory and also, not a hard and fast recipe, so just have fun with it! :)


Already made it, but didn't stick to the baking time, or our oven gets too hot as formed a hard crust over the top and the veggies turned out watery. Lol
Next time will reduce the baking time.
Here's a picture of our hard bake hahaha

Even this was delicious.


That looks pretty darn good @papilloncharity! So stoked that you actually tried it!!! :D You might find that adding a powdered thickener into the roasting pan at the start may help.

How come you're so're like, amazing...


hehehehe thanks @wales. I guess, much like the things you are passionate about, so am I :)

Oh my! 10 adults and 5 kids! That explains the ocean of zucchini and full platters of absolutely mouth-watering food :) Keep it up!


lol yip! And that did not go very far haha!

Its looking super delicious!


Thank you!!!! And thanks also for the tip - Really appreciate it!

Oh and yes browned to perfection. You sure know your way around the kitchen! Well done.


Thanks @old-guy-photos :) I really love cooking. It is an art all on it's own!

This looks fantastic, @jaynie! I can’t wait to try it!


hehe thanks love :) It was pretty good, even if I do say so myself :D

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hahaha thanks :) I have used your tag in my latest post. Thank you very much for the curation @jasonbu - much appreciated!

As soon as I read the title and saw mozzarella, I knew this was a food post for me!

Where as some people say "everything tastes better with bacon", I say Nope... use cheese!


hahaha yeah I am with you on the cheese part! Although the both together.... even better LOL!

I hate your posts. I get so hungry afterwards and I have almost no food in my house ever!


WAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! I am literally canning myself right now! (that means laughing - just in case the lingo is not international lol) I am sorry, not sorry :P You DEFINITELY shouldnt look at my last post then either LOL!!! Oh man... my tummy hurts from laughing already! :D

Browned to perfection, full of wholesome goodness, that looks finger licking good @jaynie


Pleased to say that yes, it did go down really well Joan :D

It certainly is easy enough and would feed a lot of people. Great job!


Yes, a total win win!! :D

Looks delicious - I love those one pan casseroles. And thanks for the tip about freezing the cheese before slicing!


haha pleasure! That little secret has proven VERY useful many times!