@wales - The LEGEND lives on!



As many of you know, we recently lost one of the most amazing Steemians... @wales. He was not just an amazing Steemian that impacted people all over this platform with his writing... he was also a GREAT friend to not only me to the whole of our PHC community as well as to many others across the platform.

If you would like to read the tribute done for him, you can read it HERE

His passing was incredibly sudden and to this day I don't think any of us have truly processed it. Dean was known in our server for his "poetic and cryptic" rambles. He could spend the whole night talking to himself or to Banjo haha. He was also the greatest for using our quote bots! He would share the wisest slices of life as well as what he was having on his toast on any given day... so you can imagine how everything just felt completely EMPTY in our community without him.

One of our AMAZING members @wwwiebe however, offered to change that and took the time and trouble to create a wales bot for our server... every time someone in the server uses the command, it spits out one of Dean's many quotes / rambles / blurts haha! Each of which was carefully selected "verbatim" word for word from his original texts... completely unchanged!

This was the most BEAUTIFUL gift to all of us Victor, THANK YOU! I am writing this post to show not only my gratitude but the gratitude of ALL of us! You are a total ROCKSTAR!

This was a VERY SPECIAL day for ALL of us in PHC @wwwiebe and you made it happen!




As a THANK YOU - all the rewards from this post will go to you @wwwiebe



Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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Thank you, @wwwiebe! Thank you, @jaynie and the whole PHC nation! See you there ;)

Ah, that @wwwiebe, always thinking - great job dude! I think it's interesting about wales talking to the bots. I don't know how the bots are used actually. So, if one is on discord and asks a bot a question, it will respond to the question asked, and in that way one can have a whole human/bot conversation?

And all we do is ask a question and use the bot's name?


Thanks @free-reign! :)

No, the bot isn't a conversation bot. It will simply respond to ".wales" with one of the many thoughts that he shared with us. And there were lots!


Hmm... you say the wales bot isn't a conversation bot. Does that mean there are conversation bots that would work the way I imagined they do? I was thinking about jaynie's comment about him talking to the bots all night long. :)

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This has made me cry! Thank you so much @wwwiebe! What a great idea.


Truly a most wonderful, from the heart act... much love to you brother!

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So cool @jaynie, I just love this 💕


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Wow! @wales would have loved it! He loved invoking the quote bot. Fantastic stuff!

What's happened with @wales dear @jaynie? He's gone? How?
I like reading his stories before.. but when it getting darker and darken, I stopped for a while😢 may he rest in peace and have fun with @wolfhart wherever they are.

What a lovely way to remember our dear Wales. He is smiling. 😊
Thanks @wwwiebe for creating this.

You're very very very very welcome @jaynie. I'm glad I could do this for him and for you. Thank you for the unexpected payout! That's very kind. :)

Fantastic! Thanks so much to @wwwiebe !

Oh my word @wwwiebe this is amazing! How did you do this, you're a genius! We will all enjoy this wisdom from Wales! Thank you!

This is such an amazing gesture and bot. Finally, it won't feel quite as empty as it has been of late.

Thank you, Victor! @wwwiebe


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What a brilliant idea! It actually reminds him and his writings. Thanks, @wwwiebe for this. And thanks to @jaynie for bringing this in. :)

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What a wonderful contribution, @wwwiebe! That will be a nice ongoing tribute.

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He is an absolute GEM!

The Legend Lives On!

Thanks for putting @wales back into our commentary @wwwiebe

This is awesome! Thank you, @wwwiebe

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Shame I did not even know this. This gave me goosebumps. May he rest in peace ....... or take heaven to a whole new level haha

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Thank you hon xxx

What a fantastic thing to have done - I so enjoyed his comments and he is sadly missed.

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This is a great job of @wwwiebe for a friend’s memory.
Thank you!

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Indeed!!!! :)