"Island Escape"

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We think sometimes it would be great,
To a desert island escape.
‘Twould be a lonely life to live,
Solitude would surely soon chafe.

‘Tis said no man is an island,
Though people will anger rile;
Vexation takes joy like a sieve,
‘Tis better to love for a while.

So be well when you are alone,
Take heed of what lessons you’re shown,
But return to the arms of your friends,
Sharing your wisdom like seeds sown.

“Island Escape”

Jerry E Smith

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Here is the !COFFEEA
I'm novice in this tokens!! :)

It's pleasant to travel through your poems dear @JerryTsuseer, one always can see both sides of the coin forming the unity that we are, both ends of the line, that what's between the 0 and infinity.
Happy to learn some new words and constructions in your language!! :)
I send the best vibes for every day and good winds for every step!!



Good Morning @leveuf

Happy to learn some new words and constructions in your language

I use many 'archaic' English words and terms from long ago; to me it makes for a more poetic result.
Those may not translate easily. Remind me? Your 'mother tongue' is Spanish? Your username looks French.

At any rate, I am happy you enjoy my writing


It's greaful that you keep playing with those classic words and give theme more breath in this times!!
You have good ear for words my friend, the nickname is french sourced. It's better to read it Le veuf, el viudo, the widower. It comes precisely from a french poem by Gerard de Nerval, he titled it in spanish: "El desdichado". As you must now I work in Theater and in my days of student I made an exercise based on the poem. When social networks came leveuf was the first I thought for my nickname, youtube was the first. Here I share the poem with you so you can see!!

Je suis le Ténébreux, – le Veuf, – l’Inconsolé,
Le Prince d’Aquitaine à la Tour abolie :
Ma seule Etoile est morte, – et mon luth constellé
Porte le Soleil noir de la Mélancolie.

Dans la nuit du Tombeau, Toi qui m’as consolé,
Rends-moi le Pausilippe et la mer d’Italie,
La fleur qui plaisait tant à mon coeur désolé,
Et la treille où le Pampre à la Rose s’allie.

Suis-je Amour ou Phébus ?… Lusignan ou Biron ?
Mon front est rouge encor du baiser de la Reine ;
J’ai rêvé dans la Grotte où nage la sirène…

Et j’ai deux fois vainqueur traversé l’Achéron :
Modulant tour à tour sur la lyre d’Orphée
Les soupirs de la Sainte et les cris de la Fée.

I am the Dark One, – the Widower, – the Unconsoled
The Aquitaine Prince whose Tower is destroyed:
My only star is dead,- and my constellated lute
Bears the black Sun of Melancholia.

In the night of the Tomb, You who comforted me,
Give me back Mount Posillipo and the Italian sea,
The flower that my afflicted heart liked so much
And the treillised vineyard where the grapevine unites with the rose.

Am I Love or Phoebus ?… Lusignan or Biron ?
My forehead is still red from the Queen’s kiss ;
I dreamt of the Cave where the mermaid swims…

Twice victorious I crossed Acheron :
Taking turn to play on Orpheus’ lyre
The sighs of the Saint and the Fairy’s screams.

Big hug and good bives, @JerryTsuseer, see you really soon in the next post!! 🤗


In the meanwhile, some !COFFEEA to enjoy all the poetry!! :)


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Sorry, wrong comment placement!!

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