Short Adventure with the Wildlife.

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Found some interesting photos of our "friendly neighbourhood pet", having a lazy day in the woods along the beach road of a famous tourist attraction at Batu Feringgi, Penang, Malaysia.



Due to many years of the rapid infrastructures at the area, many wild lives are forced to come out from their comfort hiding to find food and shelters. That being said, the scenes like this are becoming common for the locals and tourists, some even became the famous attractions for certain spots.


While on one of my trip to the beach, we made a stop at the side of the road because of these fellas... They were wandering around as if they were the tourists as well, some were on the trees, on the signboard, on the electrical lines, on the road... Everywhere! We just could not resist from not stopping and take photos.



There were 2 kinds of them, maybe because of the genders, they have different colours. I assume the ones on the signboard were males and the ones on the trees are females, please correct me if I'm wrong.




The particular ones seem like she was taking her afternoon snack, and don't even care what we were doing at the opposite side of the road.



Oops... I think she just realised she's been paparazzied by us, look at her shocking but yet funny face! Haha...



Oh no... Now she's on the move, trying to run away from our lense bu walking on the electrical lines to the other side to go deeper into the woods maybe. I feel it's so dangerous for the wild lives to be on this kind of lines though I still continued following her trail.



Now she's making a stop, looking around. Wonder what she's looking for...



Look at the long tail she has...



And, she's gone to the other side!


After excitingly being the paparazzi, we went down to the beach as planned. The water was cooling and wavy...



Additional to the monkeys that we saw, we also very lucky to be able to see a Squirrel on the tree near to the beach that we were sitting.

At first he was on the tree, but suddenly he ran down and stopped halfway, and before we can get a good shot of him, he quickly ran up again. Too bad I don't have anything to lure him long enough to take some closed up.




That's the best shot I had of him!

I hope you enjoy the photo story for today, hope to write more about nature soon! See you in my next post.

Thank you.
Joe Lai


Photo was taken with my DSLR Canon EOS 550D camera. Locations was along the beach road of Batu Feringgi, Penang, Malaysia.

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Cute monkeys!

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Haha... I hope they were.

Beautiful photographs monkey and squirrel.


Thank you my friend.

Monkey business, they are very quick on telephone lines also such cute little faces @joelai

Squirrel has a neat red tip to his tail, thanks for sharing your wildlife, and where in the world would we be without them.


and where in the world would we be without them.

Well said @joanstewart! Thanks for stopping by!


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I love Penang, really must go there again one day. Great pictures, really does remind me of the place..


You should definitely go to Penang again!!

What cool shots of them, a pity their environment is being encroached and they have ot come out like this

Holy mother of messy cables! I will never, neeeever going to complain again about the mess in electricity/optic fiber/telephone cables in my island again! 😅

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