PowerHouseCreatives Contest: Better Than Sliced Bread


My entry to @zord189’s PHC contest The best thing you’ve bought.

Over the years I’ve had different items I thought were the best thing since sliced bread.

A new outfit for school would be cause for excitement as money was scarce growing up. I could go on about the dress for the high school prom and then The joy of picking out a gorgeous wedding gown years later.

I can’t leave out my pets that I’ve had over the years but I don’t remember buying them. The dogs were given to me and most of my cats have been strays. My cat Red was a gift from my hubby and Sunday was born from a barn cat and injured when I brought him home to nurse him back to health.

Sunday is really small in this photo of the two of them by the wood stove.


Buying my first new car was really a highlight as the one before that was an old rust bucket with the back floor boards starting to weaken.

Buying an automatic clothes washer and dryer certainly ranks up there with the sliced bread for I watched my mother take all day while cleaning clothes in the old wringer wash machine and then hang the them outside to dry. In winter she would bring them inside to finish drying as they would freeze stiff as a board in the cold. Amazingly they would finish drying inside quite nicely. Those were the days when you didn’t throw your clothes in the laundry at every whim but hung them up and worn them another day if they were still clean.

And where would I be without the automatic dish washer?

When I got on the internet highway Hubby had bought a computer. It was new and the programs were installed at the shop. I spend days on the phone talking to a technician in India about why I couldn’t get a certain program. It was frustrating and nothing he told me to do worked. Finally we took it back to the shop and they checked it out and realized the important program for Microsoft Word had not been completely installed.

That was two computers and two cell phones ago. I’m really a techie now! :)

It all boils down to the best thing I’ve bought lately is the iPad removable keyboard.

My sister had an iPad and suggested i would really like using one. I was sceptical at first but absolutely pleased with it. The removable keyboard that I can attach to the iPad is a great extra purchase that I use continually.


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  ·  작년

Those are all great purchases, @redheadpei. I love this contest because it got so many people to think about the simple things in their lives that they appreciate!


Thanks @jayna. Yes, we have much to be grateful for and sometimes we forget and just keep wanting more. 😊 ❤️

  ·  작년

Nice post, thanks for sharing!!


Thanks @rynow! 😊

Nice post @redheadpei! I get the feeling your pets are really the best things you've bought. They are family.


Thanks @free-reign. Yes, they are definitely the best and were free except for getting them neutered.