What Do You Feed Your Mind With?


In the world where each day an enormous amount of data goes through you, what is it that you focus on? Have you set your mind working in the direction you desire or is it drifting and soaking up all the hellfire?

The only moment that matters is now, everything else is just a product of thought. When you're in the moment, you are in control, you are aware and you know where you're going.

As soon as you drift away, you've lost control. You've started scrolling your life away while sitting in front of the TV or Youtube playlist that's going on for hours feeding your body and mind with what's on the algorithm. More often than not it's shit you don't need.

What do you feed yourself with?

Besides the food that you eat with your mouth. What do you feed your mind with? What do you soak up from your surroundings? Are you under control of what's ''playing'' in the background? If not - then take control!

Each word matters

Imagine yourself working on a blog post. What is happening in the background? Do you work in silence? Do you listen to music? I can say for sure that whatever is happening in the background affects the post you're creating. It can change the mood of the post and it can even change the entire post you're making. Those vibrations can take you away.

(I wrote this post in silence) hearing only how I'm pressing each keyboard button to make characters appear on the screen. I can also hear my PC working. It's silent but you can still hear it.

For me - it's easier to work in either silence or with music where nobody sings. Whenever someone starts singing, it messes me up and I'm becoming much slower and easily distracted. I didn't even notice it at the beginning but then I stopped to think what's wrong with my flow. Then I understood that those singers are only a distraction.

Everyone trips differently

What you're tripping about? I mean, if you've ever done drugs, you know they work differently on everyone, especially the psychedelic ones. They usually show you your true self and your own insights and things you need to deal with. That's why it differs from person to person.

But it's not only with drugs. One may love working with Katy Perry in the background but for me, it's the easiest way to get irritating headaches.

The World

Crazy things are happening all over the world and they cannot become your distraction. You have a lot of things on your mind to work on. Don't let the TV fear you. The media is owned by the top 1% of the top 1% and we will never know their true intentions.

What we can do is shut the TV off and engage with each other. Look at what's around you and how it impacts you. Change your surroundings to change your life. Use the internet - it's a tool for your growth. You can find any information you need to achieve your goals so start searching for it.


20 minutes ago I started writing this post and I knew only the title but I also knew it could change when I finish the post. I just started writing and wrote whatever came out of my mind. Or should I say - whatever was on my mind? I don't know. All I know is that those thoughts were there around me and the only way to let go is to write them down.

That's just what I did. 23 minutes later I'm here, at the end of the post. I hope it's readable and you understood what I meant. If not - I guess you took everything you need from this and you're inspired to do your thing.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day ahead! Remember to choose the content that gets in your head!

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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Great food for thought. 😊


Thank you! Hope your mind gets only the best!

What you focus on will grow more important (to you)!! Thanks for sharing ((:


You said it very well! Thank you for reading!

It is so easy to procrastinate, it happens to me frequently and I have to concentrate a lot, I also prefer to work in a quiet space :)


You're right. When it's quiet - we can hear ourselves and reason with ourselves to get the motivation and energy.

In the U.S., six corporations own all the televised news, and none of them are news-based businesses. The press in America isn't free anymore. All of them report only on certain news items and ignore many other important ones.

Staying away from them as you suggest, at least gives us a chance to avoid a thorough brainwashing.


Yeah, it's mad. And not only in America. Many news sites all across the world are financed by the same corporations.

Spending time Steemit definitely helps in avoiding some of the bullshit we're being told.

Thank you for the comment and have a nice day!

Scrolling away life whether behind a computer or a TV one really needs to be careful what you visit, filling the mind with negative or positive affects our lives for sure.


True. Many people don't see it because they're used to it. Silence for them is like torture, hehe.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

Good post @spellmaker.
I think there is some 'synchronicity' going on here. You should see my post this morning. It has much the same overtones, but not the specifics.
More of a "motivational/observational prose" entry.
Congratulations on being chosen for the rally vote

Hello @spellmaker,

They are very good reflections in 23 minutes of spontaneous writing. If I understand correctly, we must take control of our life, and in that sense, take care that we feed, not only our body, but also our mind.

Focus on the now and free ourselves from what distracts us.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Thank you for the feedback! Yes, it's exactly what I meant. My words converted perfectly to you.

Have a lovely day!

Very good point. I must confess that Steemit can become a source of distraction. There is so much here. Some is vital for our immediate and future goals, but a lot is not. Because if internet issues I cannot spend time on YouTube or any other video source, and I use twiter mainly to promote Steemit, but often times I get distracted and it is hard to go back to what matters.
Intentional isolation is not only possible but necessary


Thank you! Yes, Steemit can also become a distraction when you're exploring without a real goal in your mind. Putting away distractions can greatly increase the quality of our lives.

Have a lovely week ahead!

Yes, I work in silence, too, or as much silence as I can achieve in this day and age (there's always the hum of the electricity that we fail to notice, as well as cars rumbling along outside). If I have music or tv running I'm distracted. To me silence really is golden.


Yeah, the fridge and other electronics are always on and you can hear them if you want.

Thanks for the comment! Silence is gold - for sure!

I hear you! It is something I remember learning when I was growing up from my parents and my Sunday School teacher.

Your mind will grow with what you feed it.

It took me a long time to figure out what they all meant by that, but, it became most apparent when I was a teenager. Although, at the time, I would never admit they were right. :)

I have repented.

It depends on what I am writing. If I am writing prose, I listen to flowing music that has highs and lows... but, mostly music stimulates my brain. It depends on which direction and what I am writing. Some days I sit in the chaos of my family and write.

And then, some days, it is pure quiet. Thanks for your thoughts on this! Great post!



It's great you realized it this fast! Thank you for the feedback! The background definitely changes the mood of your writings.

Have a productive day ahead!

Amen to this @spellmaker ...

"You've started scrolling your life away while sitting in front of the TV or Youtube playlist that's going on for hours feeding your body and mind with what's on the algorithm. More often than not it's shit you don't need."

... what I have come to refer to as "the siren song of the world." Referring to this continuous "input" into our souls by use of the word "feed" or "feeding" is a nice touch. A great "word picture" to use for what you have to say here.

Impressive ...

"That's just what I did. 23 minutes later I'm here, at the end of the post."

... as mine typically take me hours ... 😊

Nicely done. Have a great day!


It used to take hours for me but I feel I now have the hang of it. It also depends on the day. Sometimes I can write fast but other times I cannot write at all.

Thank you for the feedback! Have a lovely day ahead!

This is exactly what I needed to be reminded of. Just like consuming junk food is easy and temporarily gratifying, information desert like all those lewd adult cartoons or gossiping around the water cooler...
Same thing. You have been given free will to choose to invest in yourself. So nothing like those information vegetables! They can help your life in so many ways. Like filling your mind with good stuff - which spawned this post, which I’m turn inspired me !

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Thank you for the feedback - it gives me motivation to write more! :)
I'm happy you've taken your life into your own hands!
Have a wonderful week ahead and be inspired!

I often go days without the TV even being turned on, and on our recent day vacation, it was nice to actually get away from the computer for those days. Every day and moment is precious so it only makes sense to make the most of each one.


Thank you for the comment! Moments are there to enjoy and take the best from them - you're right! :)

Have a lovely week ahead!

What I feed my brain? Positive thoughts, healing music, healthy relationships and love. I learnt to stay away from negativity and to go out of my way to change other`s perception about life. I am not living in a bubble, just being aware of what is good for me and not. Nice post!


That is lovely to hear! Thank you for the feedback, it gives me additional motivation to keep writing!

Great write packed with wonderful wisdom @spellmaker! I love to write my posts outside on the back lanai, just the nice warm breeze in the trees, birds singing and me, tapping away :)


Thank you for your kind words! It sounds amazing as you're describing it!


Thank you for your kind
Words! It sounds amazing as
You're describing it!

                 - spellmaker

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

As soon as you drift away, you've lost control. You've started scrolling your steemit feed while sitting in front of the TV or Insta that's going on for hours feeding your body and mind with what's on the algorithm. More often than not it's shit you don't need.
Well only partly true, I need it but can let it go when my family or life needs me. I try to set time rules to protect myself and it’s working


That's right! Thanks for commenting! And I'm happy you could relate! Have a succesful week ahead!

Oh yeah, I know exactly what you meant my friend and that's why we don't have a TV and I rarely watch old 60's bands on YouTube.
People would say that this is not a life, but I love the strength in silence.
My mind is fully concentrated on what I am doing every minute of the day and you are right, as one can certainly flow better in one's written attempts.
My words are like my character, strong and to the point, but always with a big dose of kindness and humor mixed in.

A good post here!


Thank you for your kind words! Feedback like yours gets me motivated! Have a lovely week ahead!


My pleasure and thank you!
May you also have a good week!

In the world there will always be distractions that take us away from what is most important; it is up to us to focus on getting what we want and taking the direction we dream of. Interestingly your content from every point of view, I am one of those who, unlike many, can not write under music or too much noise, perhaps more than noise, I need to be alone to make my writings. Thank you for this content of inner reflection, I enjoyed it very much. A hug for you!. @spellmaker


I guess that's why we're unique! What fits one, doesn't fit the other.
Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts! Have a lovely week ahead!

It all depends on what I'm creating at the time. Truth be told, I strongly dislike watching tv and there are very few programs worthy of spending my valuable time on.

To get my creative juices flowing, silence works best while I'm typing my thoughts while music playing is ideal when I'm editing images. My all time favorites are the enjoying sights and sounds of nature outdoors: rain falling, winds blowing, birds singing...


Hehe, that's also true! When I'm writing something serious, for me, it's better to have silence. When I'm writing poetry - I like that there's music in the background, or nature sounds as you said it.

Thank you for reading and sharing your experiences! Have a wonderful week ahead!


Your creative flow definitely parallels mine!
The silence part when the brain needs to think is non negotiable and I will literally go into one of the bedrooms and close the door if I have to. Thank you for the reply.

Hope your first week of March is a good one!💫

That’s a lot of questions 😜 hehe. I can relate to the part of having music or silence when I am working on a post. I typically have songs with no singing too. Lately it’s been ocean waves and musical instruments or something like that. I use a second monitor and play a beach scene like the one below ☺️ Think on my friend, think on!


Thank you for sharing your experience! I guess I need a second monitor too :)

  ·  작년

When I’m not working I’m generally running around doing too many things, so I listen to audio books. They are my companion while I’m walking, cooking, doing laundry. etc. That way, even though I have a very busy life I am always fueling my mind.


That's a great way to get the information you need while working on something else! :) Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week ahead!

I love music, in fact, I do many of my activities with my favorite music background ; although I have never started to write and listen to music, because I unwittingly turn it into a karaoke lol.
I like the idea of ​​writing and having as background some instrumental music, I will try by to see what the result is.😊🎶🎶


hehe, thank you for sharing! I love music but sometimes it becomes a distraction!

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful week ahead!

Hello @spellmaker. I hardly watch tv any longer. Unless it's history, cooking, national geographic, or homebuying, just doesn't interest me.

I can't concentrate watching tv, and I don't know how people sit in front of it with their laptop trying to accomplish something. I need quiet and a quiet space to think or where I can try to finish a book. But I do like to write while listening to my music.

It's when you don't think you have anything, that something will pop into your head.

Thanks for sharing how you used your 20 minutes.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Silence works best for me too :)

Have a wonderful week ahead!

  ·  작년

I understood! And I agree, especially about music in the background.


Thank you for reading! Have a brilliant week ahead!

This inspires me👌🏻🧠

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