Words Are Free


It doesn't cost anything to say a word. Yes, you can get punched in the face but it's only if you choose the wrong word or a combination of them. Each situation requires a different spell. It is wisdom when you really know what to tell and it comes with experience.

the wrong words?

Everyone knows how it is to think back and analyze situations in a search for an answer. ''Maybe I shouldn't have said it'', ''I definitely chose the wrong words for that situation'', ''Why didn't I say it like that?''

You couldn't do better.

Now you can because you have the experience but at that time you did your best. And it's important to remember - you are always the best version of yourself and you are constantly improving. Ironically - you're also the one who does the improving. You get feedback from the world and things inside you change. You learn and grow with each word spoken.

the right words?

Encourage yourself and others. Remind yourself that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. Say you're grateful and count your blessings. Speak powerful words into existence - it's fascinating!

habit changer - rapid enhancer

When you start paying attention to the words you use, you find something you would like to change. Some phrase that has been stuck with you for years. Think of what it describes. What is the emotion behind that phrase? Then think of what could replace it and just do it! Do it until you've changed the habit!

Change the words you speak - change what you see - change your life!

and yeah - you've been given a mic.

with love, spellmaker

Image by Irina L from Pixabay

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  ·  작년

This is such a beautiful post! And yes... this kind of wisdom definitely comes with age... I mean experience haha!!! :)