Cameras. Old Ones.

4개월 전

I picked up two new-to-me cameras today that I found at a yard sale. $25 for the two of them and I'm really happy.

New Camera 1


New Camera 2


I had started a small collection of antique cameras some time ago when I picked up a really beat up old camera that had an extendable bellows. The bellows itself had a hole in it, rendering it useless as a film camera. Undaunted, I took it home, made it my own, and put a raspberry pi with a camera attachment inside it.


I love this camera, and the shutter release on the front is absolutely gorgeous. This was manufactured in the early 1900's and still has 1890 era patents printed on the back. I tried to use a light sensor attached to the pi to trigger the camera, but ended up putting a push button on the inside attached to a shutter release cable.

My collection since that one has since grown. My next was a proper Brownie camera. This one was also pretty beat up and I had to tape part of it back together to keep the front face plate from falling off. I also put a raspberry pi in this one - there's a lot more room on the inside, since it's essentially an empty box - but with this one I put an infrared camera attachment. Fun stuff. I couldn't figure out how to get the shutter release to trigger the camera, so I bought a cheap bluetooth shutter release button for a phone and paired it with the pi.


My collection has since grown:

This one unfortunately came without the front lens, which is a bummer, but it also gives me a place to put the camera attachment for a pi inside. I do need to figure out how to control the shutter release - a bluetooth dongle works, but seems cheating somehow. I also want to put an LED light through the flash attachment. This will become a prop for a Halloween reporter costume.




This big old Brownie is definitely one of the first cameras made for the masses, so to speak. It's cheap and easily built, little more than a box with a hole in it. I won't really mind drilling holes into this if I need to, to do something fun with it


Now this Fun Saver film camera is an interesting contraption. I took it apart to see how it works. It's spring loaded! The film is loaded in one side around a spool. The second side - the side shown - is wound up to tighten a spring. When released the spring activates the coil and turns the film. Too cool!

The insides of it are trashed (I keep finding really cheap cameras), so I'm thinking of stuffing the innards with another pi or something, but this time with a dial contraption to be able to mimic the old film camera feel.


Here's the rest of the collection. Some of these are in good shape; some are not. A couple of them are actually getting me thinking about buying some film and performing some actual old-school photography.






(c) All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me.
(c) Victor Wiebe



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That's an awesome collection you have there. I would love to get my hands on some of those older cameras.


Thanks! I'm still out of town, but when I get home I'm planning on finding the right film for a couple of them. Some of them will be able to use straight up 35mm, which I'm sure I have already, but a part of me is hoping I can do something a little more old school, too.

Omg I love all those cameras!💖


Thanks! They are absolutely stunning, aren't they?

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I wonder if the Newark Camera Shop on main street would carry any old film. I used to buy my Ilford 100 B&W stuff there. Sounds like you put some creative thought into getting them to work for ya! Sweet!!


They might! That's a great idea, and I should go look. Maybe at some point I'll think about developing my own film, but for now I'd just be happy to get the film I need and let someone who knows what they're doing develop it!

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Wow, wow, wow! Look at that! You can make a mini museum of your own @wwwiebe! 😍😍

I love old cameras! It is always fascinating. I have a friend who collects old cameras too, and he is as bubbly as you when talking about old cameras. Hehehe! 😂

Thank you for sharing you collection with us. 😊


Thanks for the great feedback! I wish I had a good place to put the cameras out for display, but as it is I just keep them for my own personal enjoyment.

What fascinates me most about them is the superb engineering that have gone into some of these. The inside is mostly empty space, but the shutter release is really quite impressive!


Yes, I have to agree with that. The engineering behind the camera's invention is truly fascinating. 😍 What a beautiful mind they have!!! Very impressive! 😍😍

There is a kind of feeling you get when you use an old camera. They are strong and can last for a lont time though their camera's qualities might be the backdrops.

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One of the thigns that impresses me about these old cameras is that, for a lot of them, they're still functional. At some point digital cameras are going to be trash, but these old analogue beauty's stand the test of time.


I think the old cameras have their own uniqueness that can never be tarnished.

What a great post! Putting a raspberry pi in the old, beat up cameras is genius! I think if you get a few more you can open a camera museum!


I need to put up a post about a raspi-camera! I have three of them now, and I love them all. I've just put bids on three more on ebay. crossing fingers!

My Dad had an extendable bellows camera, not very large, no idea what ever happened to it. Being expensive to develop we have some photographs from holidays over the years, very few around the home.

Lovely collection you have there Victor.


Thank you! I adore this little collection.

I think the bellows cameras are my favourite. They have such a cool look about them.

That is what I call passion my friend. These are gorgeous babies and I'd love to see the photos taken with them.


Hopefully soon I can accomodate! I'm searching for film right now, and looking for hte best way on one of them to replicate a flash. I'm wondering if an LED light would work.


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Nice collection you got there WW.


Thank you!

Viktor i am so jealous, i want to collect some aswell, but my significant other things they arent pretty, so untill i have my own collection i will watch these closely. i bet they make beautiful pictures in sepia for sepiasaturday or are a great subject for longexposure in black and white, yep i am all in


I'll buy another one in your honour! I'm going to make another post about one of them in particular (maybe two posts, in fact). These old cameras are just fascinating.

I love the old cameras!! What do you do with the Raspberry inside the cameras?? (Sorry, I don't know much about Raspberries??)


The Raspberry Pi is a little computer. It's tiny. And it has a digital camera attachment. I will make a post about it!

Wow! You have really collected quite a few of the oldies. Amazingly, I remember several of them, lol Love the old photos, just can't really recreate that special timeless beautify captured during that time. Love it @wwwiebe!


Thanks very much! These are awesome little beasties, for sure.

Interesting collection!

Wow, that's quite the treasure you got there my friend! Loved the cameras, thanks for sharing these marvels of technology!



Thanks! These particular cameras which don't even have glass lenses are particularly amazing.

Your cameras are beautiful. I loved this publication so much for the information you show us, interesting as well. Thank you for sharing! A hug for you. @wwwiebe


Thank you very much for visiting @marybellrg! I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Those are pretty neat old cameras. Thanks for sharing your collection with us on PYPT.

Surprised @tattoodjay & @dmcamera haven't seen this yet, or maybe have, but haven't commented. Sweet collection man!


Thanks! I've got my eye on a few more and I've recently begun to think of things to do with them other than just collect dust!

WOw that is a seriously cool collection

Thanks @enginewitty for tagging me :)

Cheers and !BEER


Thought you might like it my man :)


Thanks! Glad you like it. These cameras absolutely fascinate me.


Ohh I would love to have a collection like that :)

Howdy sir wwwiebe! That's a good start on a great collection! Very interesting and fun hobby.And a cheap one. lol.


Haha, thanks! I'm definitely all about cheap!

Oh, my goodness. Does that bring back memories. The Kodak with the flash bulb. When you flash and take the picture, the bulb burns out. How about the old Poloroids? We had so many of them, from large to small, flash and non flash. I still have some of those old Poloroid pictures. Hundreds of them. In fact, I think I have about 1000 old pictures taken by various Kodak and Poloroid cameras. The pictures have Kodak printed on the back from the 1960s.

And the ready snap cameras where once you take the picture, it develops immediately and spits it out. Those were the days, my friend.

Thanks for sharing the camera pictures.


I remember being absolutely mesmerised by those Polaroid instant photos as a child. I'd always hurry over to the camera to pull the film out and wait very impatiently for it to develop. It was like magic!

Congratulations on your new acquisitions. They look impressive. The very fact that after so long they have preserved is just admirable. Cameras are one of those miracles of human ingenuity that never ceases to amaze me.


I really missed my calling in life. I ended up in IT, but really should have been an art historian (or in theatre). I agree with you completely about cameras being amazing little constructions. We take them for granted today with all our selfies and cat pictures and pictures of our food, but the ability to create superb art with them and to document culture is really priceless.