Covid-19 School Lockdown: Day 1, Wiebe-haus

4개월 전

Covid-19 has hit, and we're under a self-imposed quarantine. The school has shut down for two weeks and chaos reigns. They're bored and bouncing off the walls. We're keeping healthy , so far, but anything could happen. Food! OMG, we need food, they're about to start eating through the walls. Send food! And shampoo! There are three boys in the house for gods sake, we're in desperate need of shampoo!

And it's only day 1, and they haven't gotten out of bed yet! I don't know how I'm going to survive the next two weeks. I'm making them read Lord of the Flies so when they do begin to duct tape each other to the floors they know why they're doing it.

Please help us. Please.


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Look at the bright don't have to hurry to get them ready for school lol. 😁 Be safe! 💕

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There is always that! 😂 It's nice to not have to get up by 6:00.

I can only imagine all of the fun times ahead with three hungry, growing, and rambunctious young men cooped up at home with you the next two weeks. Look at the positive's two weeks of sibling & dad bonding! @wwwiebe😀

My son packed 85% of the things in his dorm room and drove home from college yesterday. The remainder of the semester will be online classes, though the university has yet to figure out how chemistry and engineering labs will be done remotely. And we still have to drive back to get the rest of his larger items from college by Friday. Fun!


We're all in for a couple weeks of intense 'fun', I think. I'm not sure if we're over reacting, panicking, or acting responsibly; I'd like to think the latter. Our schools are closed for two weeks; hopefully it won't need any more than that.


We're all in this together and I pray we make it out alive though I'm most concerned about the elderly, those with pre existing health problems and all the unknowns...

Make the best of time with the boys -- they grown up way too fast!💫

Sure they are home, now you have to help them keep up with daily studies for school, think about that maths you forgot sometime ago.

Cooking and feeding boys is a nightmare at the best of times, finding food, the way people are reacting is another story all on it's own.

Normal shopping hopefully on Wednesday, hope the stores still have some products on the shelves. Hopefully just keeping to normal for now. Stay safe!

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This did make me grin, I’m with you about boys and food it’s an endless battle to keep them topped up. Crazy and scary times ahead, but what will be will be.


Haha, it's true. My boys don't even eat full meals; they'll just spend the day grazing, and before you know it, the kitchen is bare, and there might even be a hole in a wall.

Making them read ‘Lord of the flies’ is a great idea :-)