The Fowl: Deep Dream Generator

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This is my entry for the Photo Filers & Effects contest by @bliss11 and @drakernoise:

Original Photo


This is a photo, obviously, of some ducks in a lake. I took the picture about 5 or 6 years ago at Lake Junaluska in North Carolina Smokey Mountains. The Smokey's are some really, really gorgeous mountains, within which there is about a daily thunderstorm and almost always clouds. The name "Smokey" derives from the heavy veil of fog that often covers them in the morning.

I took this photo and sent it through the Deep Dream Generator (

deep dream.jpg


I do like how the mosaic effect turned out. It looks like an old Roman mosaic made for a noble as a gift.

(c) All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me.
(c) Victor Wiebe



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This one came out really cool Victor! Going with the mosaic option was a good choice. I could see someone with mosaic tile talent, bringing this one to realization. I would love to see this on the floor or wall of a mountain resort bathroom. Or I can just appreciate your Deep Dream affect and it can stay off of the floor..haha


I'm really happy with how this one turned out, too! I might actually see if I can print this and still have it look decent.

Thanks for stopping by!

Definitely, very Roman-esq a lá North Carolina.

So gorgeous photo and final edition result @wwwiebe, I liked them very much!
Thanks for entering the contest, good luck.
Sending my best wishes for your weekend 🤗

A pretty and amazing photo effect @wwwiebe, the mosaic effect was a hit 😉. Thanks for entering the contest. 🤗

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Deep dream what? I thought I just dropped some acid :P hehehe :D Now if that was an authentic mosaic... I wonder how long it would have taken and would any of us actually had the patience to see it through to the end? :)



Hahaha! Glad I could give you a quick, cheap trip. 😉And I lose patience just trying to explain the concept to my children. It's lost on me. 😂


Smash a plate and tell them to put it all back together lol.

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The result was great!! I like use this website too. I have done some post about it. It's fun to play with the pictures!


Thank you! Deep Dream really is a lot of fun. I've never been dissapointed.

Hey, thanks for your great work and for the tip. Will check it out.

Howdy sir wwwiebe! That's a great effect for sure, I like the mosaic look, well done!