Reintroduction for a new steem community!

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Hey, I'm glad y'all are here doing this! I'm Nate, howdy from Texas, where I've officially declared it to be spring!

On the @homesteaderscoop discord server, @bobydimitrov asked for pics of the fat buds I have on my peaches. I figured I'd make a post of it so I'd have something to post.

Peach buds, juuuust starting to break.

Chicken for scale.

Looks like this one is sticking out its tongue at us. Every now and then my phone takes a decent picture. I like how this one turned out.

Here on my little homestead I'm using permaculture to minimize the work I have to do and have my half acre contribute to regeneration and resilience. Two years in, and I can already tell a difference!

This spring we're focusing on getting our chickens back up and running after losing one flock to predators and one flock to illness. Hoping the third time's the charm, but we'll see. Sometimes God has other plans for you for right now, huh? My personal mission this season is to grow enough grain to replace my industrial grain consumption. I'm using flour corn, amaranth, and sunflowers for this project, and I'll absolutely be posting updates on how that goes. We'll also be growing supplementary vegetables of course, like okra, green beans, and cucumbers.

My main livelihood thankfully isn't on the homestead. I've got a day job in town which allows this to be a bit of an intensive hobby for me, though I do like to daydream of being a farmer and I do have plans to make a bit of "on-farm income" with my crops and chicken projects. The main goal is to provide myself and my family with high quality, low cost food so we can maintain a high quality of life while working towards becoming debt free.

I feel thats a reasonable intro lol. I've been on steem for a while now, so it's cool to see some newer handles here. I've got a bunch of older posts on all this, and will have a lot more in the future. Looking forward to getting to know y'all around here!

All action for the good of all,

Nate on Foxfire Homestead 💚

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Hey, @nateonsteemit sounds like the way forward being self-sufficient, experiencing and co-creating .

What's the weather like over your way in Texas? We have coped a bit of rain here lately down under in Sunny Queensland

I have been off steem myself for a while so just finding my bearings again. You got a few acres your way? I've grown up on the land since a youngster but have moved more into the City and Coastal hinterland area's at the moment.


Oh, you'll have to get to know @riverflows then! Currently travelling the world, she's based in oz too, somewhere on one of the coasts.

I'm on half an acre here, the weather is gorgeous. 20sC all week after a warm wet winter, we're due a cool wet summer according to the almanac. Loving the moment as much as I can!

Totally LOVING that Spring has Spring in Texas. Chickens? See - I PROMISED I would support them. :) More chick pics please. :)

Keep up the great posts, blogging, photographs, vlogging & inspiration.

With Love From ecoTrain


Keep an eye out tomorrow. No chickens today, but I think the #dailychicken will be resurrected.

@mariannewest, you still around? Is anyone still doing the dailychicken?

Well, howdy there @nateonsteemit! LOL Love your peach buds. :))


Lol howdy! I was looking at the new communities function and saw a homesteaders community had already popped up and there were a few folks in there I still haven't met yet. So I'm back in the mode of getting to know folks!

Hi @nateonsteemit.

Please feel free to cross-post your older posts (more than seven days old) into the Homesteading community.

I have been woefully distracted from giving attention to this community since all the recent upheaval on the Steem blockchain but hopefully I can get back to my duties here and help this small community grow.

Cheers & Happy Steeming!

Hi Nate!

Just found this post of yours going through the #homesteading tag. :)

We also lost a flock last spring when two dogs dig a hole under the fence and killed our chickens. Since then we raised another flock of baby chickens and since September we have our own eggs again (the ones from the store can't compare).

It was nice to read a little bit about your lifestyle. Nice photos as well, peaches are one of my favorite fruits but I must say that chicken photo is my favorite.

Have a great day! :)