A Stop to Incredulity

4개월 전


In these times we must care about our youth and warn young people against the danger that threatens them, Satan can use a superficial knowledge of science to capture us in his networks. It is better to have a clean and gentle heart than the knowledge of all the sciences, but without the fear of God.

All kinds of skeptics will meet the young people of our time, and how important it is that they be prepared to give an account of their hope with meekness and reverence.

Those who doubt the truth of the Word of God give the works of the young and inexperienced and fill their hearts with the poison of unbelief. The spirit of Satan works through evil people to lead souls to perdition.

We live in a perverted age, and people, both young and old, are not ashamed of sin. If our young people do not stay awake with the Bible in their hands, if they do not form firm principles within themselves, if they do not become more demanding about the choice of comrades and the literature that interests their thoughts, then they will succumb to the influence of a society whose morality is so lustful.

The appearance of the people of this world can be very attractive, but if they constantly make clues against the Bible, then they are dangerous people, since they will try to break the foundation of our faith and distort the meaning of the old gospel.

Young people are often in the company of unbelievers, and their parents know nothing about it until evil does its terrible act and leads young people to death.

Young people should be carefully instructed to have a correct idea of ​​such people, not make friends with them, and not listen to their obscene and cynical words.

If our young people do not find the moral strength in themselves to break any connection with people when they hear of their unbelief, then they will be caught up and think and speak like their friends, criticizing religion and faith in the Bible.

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