The Season of Grace!

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The pain of discipline is temporary, but the pain of compromise is permanent.
When God asks you to do something difficult and you yield to it, you already set in motion the strength to carry out that task.

Take the story of Abraham whom God asked to sacrifice a son he had waited for all his life. A son that is considered to be his miracle baby was meant to become a sacrifice. Genesis 22:1-19.
Man's radical resolve to follow through with God's commands releases God's radical provisions and provision.


Seeking the will power to stay sensitive to God's voice and leading will help you deal with the situations in life.
For a Christian, suffering is not final and temptations are not in place to kill but rather to test our resolve in our trust in God.

When we are faced with that situation that doesn't seem like what it should be., we have to never allow our self esteem be polluted. We must keep our faith strong and keep believing in God and seeing that, the promises of His word will help us fight through that period of trial into our season of grace.

Every man has a season which is such a time that he is expected to make a move so he can receive the Grace of God to overcome in life.
Doubts, unbelief, tiredness, challenges and laziness are often the tools the devil uses to make us forget that, the Season of Grace is one important season that will usher us into a better life when we make a move to accept what the winds blows at us and fight through in faith.

Abraham's Season of Grace was when he made a move to sacrifice his only son after having waited for years. God will not ask for something that you cannot give or ask you to do something you cannot do. If He asks you, He must have provided the answer.

Abraham never had the challenge to sacrifice his son when he had Ismael nor was he asked by God to sacrifice Lot, his brother's son, God asked him to sacrifice Isaac whom he would never want to give but has to give.

The season of grace is one time when if we miss to do what is expected of us as instructed by God, we have to go through the trials and temptations of life all over again until we get to that season where grace will be made available.
Grace is a very vital currency in the supernatural and when we hold it, we become conquerors.

Don't miss out on your Season of Grace because you cannot push yourself hard enough to trust God that He will never fail in His promise to you.

There is a sufficiency of grace in every man, all that is needed is the will to participate and not stop trying no matter how hard it may sound.

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