And If Life Stops You


Blessings dear community @ChristianFellowship, it is nice to be here, the peace of God be with everyone.


Every day we are presented with a new opportunity. Each new morning gives us a new opportunity to continue the projects where we left them, to start new plans or maybe even start again. Without realizing it, we have this new opportunity, so we have everything planned in mind so that we can manage what we need to do, be it our housework, school work or professional projects. Apparently, everything follows its natural course until the day that life stops us.

Life interruptions have many facets. They can present as a sudden discomfort, an assault, a sprained foot, loss of voice, or something more serious such as an illness that requires prolonged treatment. No matter what causes the disruption, the fact is that you are generally not welcome. From one hour to the next we are forced to reprogram ourselves. It's common to think, "This can't be happening right now!" The situation agitates and saddens us. We still have to think of a plan B. Have you ever been detained for life?

The feeling felt is that life will never go back to normal, even though our interruption was just a permanent sprain. Inevitably, anxiety begins to overwhelm us. Many fears and questions go through our minds and the pain, which was much more physical before, is now more and more emotional. The situation is beyond our control. However, we know that it never escapes the control of our God. How much comfort and security this truth brings us. And even better is knowing that we can turn to our Father without hiding our fears and anxieties. In Psalm 38.9 the psalmist says: “Lord, before you are all my desires; My sigh is not hidden from you. "God, hear our longings and sighs.

And it not only listens to us, but also advises us and shows us the way forward in any circumstance. In Isaiah 48.17 our God tells us: "Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:" I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you on the path you must go. "

Friend if you identified with my post today, I encourage you to tell the Lord all your desires and ask him to direct your plan B, or maybe plans C and D. Only he has the words of life and is capable to direct and calm ourselves in any situation!


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Beautiful place in nature

Thanks @lorennys.
Truly on GOD can direct our Plan B, C and even D.
Encouraging post.