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Hello Friends,

Thanks to the Steeming Diaries for organizing this amazing contest. There is so much hype regarding the Money Heist Season 5 release and everyone around the globe is waiting.

With the help of this contest, we all can share our views and our favorite things which we like the most. I am writing mine and hoping to read yours.

The Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel is the most popular show on Netflix. The Money Heist fans are eagerly waiting for the fifth season of the smash-hit Netflix series and the same is releasing in two parts, Part 5 Vol. 1 on September 3 and Part 5 Vol. 2 on December 3.

I am always a fan of the English Web Series. I used to read many posts on the Internet and everywhere I go can see something about the Money Heist, on Facebook, Google News Feed, Instagram, WhatsApp Status. Many of my friends suggested I watch this series. But I was still watching other series at that time and I could not watch at that time. I started to watch this series in last year's lockdown during the COVID-19 period.

I must say, I finished it within a few days as I had also office work. It was completely different from other series that I use to watch as I am a fan of "Supernatural; Fantasy". At first, I was thinking of a simple robbery web series. When I complete the 1st episode, it changed my complete view which I had earlier. It was so interesting that I could not stop myself from watching it continue.

I like the professor role most, the person thinking style and I kind of start thinking, with the proper dedication and planning, there is nothing we can not achieve in this world. I love the team, every individual character with their specialty makes them interesting, and love them. I hate the stupid Arturo I must mention.

The action and planning of the professor is the next level, there are no words to express how awesome for me. Every episode and character keeps surprising me.

I loved all the characters and my favorite is obvious "Professor"! The 2nd Heist was most interesting with more intense drama and action.

My favorite episode must be when they replace the army chopper with their own. They purchase all the military stuff from the black market used.

The last season ended with Sierra encountering the professor. As shown, Sierra is the cruelest cop who was nothing to lose, and most importantly she hates the professor. As the last season ended Sierra pointing a gun at the professor ready to shoot. Watching the Money Heist Season 5 trailer, it is not clear what happens with the professor. It's obvious that it is the most interesting part to watch how the story will move from here, is she kills the professor or she also joins the team as Raquel.

I somehow feel, she will join the team works with the professor as her team also betrayed her and blamed her. The wait is about to end it's already 2nd, we have only 1 day left for the surprise. I am sure, I will finish it on the first day. I will bring some drinks and sit to watch. What are your plans for the release, please do share and comment.

Thank you!

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Hi @ghostfacer99,

Thank you for submitting your entry. Your article is good and it's plagiarized free, but actually, there are still many interesting things you may notice in the Money Heist.

They purchase all the military stuff from the black market used

If you have seen this closely then you may see that they are actually buying military stuff with BTC, its Crypto Market.

Again, thank you for your entry, best of luck.

Thank You.


👉 Steeming Diaries Community


Yes, I forget to mention that. All black market runs on Crypto Currencies!

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Good, i like it,

Thanks for sharing with us.




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