📒THE DIARY GAME | Better Life With Steem | 19th September, 2021 🌟❤️

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おはよ 🌞,

I was having off today, so I woke up around 09:00, got fresh, and had breakfast. Then I went to check the construction work of our shops. Now only one or two days work is left, it is almost ready. I spend some time there all monitoring the work.

We all took a lunch break in the afternoon and got fresh. Then I had my lunch. After lunch, I came to my room and powered on my machine, and sat to check my Steemit account.

I logged into my Steemit account, reviewed the comments received, voted on some posts and, then I logged into my WazirX, LAToken, and other exchange accounts to my crypto portfolios. I also checked the Indian Stock market status and, IRCTC is performing very well, and I am in good profit. Then around 15:00, I started painting some furniture for the shop.

I finished all my work around 17:00 and took bath. I got ready and collected the form for a new electricity connection for our shops along with the required documents and went to the copy shop. I made some required copies of the documents and fill the form with the help of my friend.

Today is Constitution Day in Nepal, my friends were planning to celebrate in the evening at a public place near the road. We all collected some funds and we celebrated it by lighting some candles. After the celebration, I came back home.

I spend some time with my big brother and we sat and had a few drinks, as I am having off today. After the drinks, we had our dinner and I came back to my room. I powered on my desktop machine and sat to check my Steemit account.

I logged into my Steemit account, reviewed the comments received, voted on some posts. I worked on my Steemit Nursury activity. @stream4u was also there online, we got connected on teams call and shared our updates. Then I am writing this post to share my day with you all. After posting this diary post, I will go to bed.

Note: I am doing work from home for the last one and a half years, due to COVID-19 my daily activity is limited like everyone else. I hardly get out and spend my all days in my room switching between my job and Steemit. I feel very lucky that I was introduced to this wonderful platform and I am enjoying my time here. I would like to thank you all for your love and support.

Thank you!

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Excellent work sir 👍


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