The Daily Dairy Game | Black day |23rd Nov 2021

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Hi Friends,

Welcome to my new dairy post.

23rd November 2021 the day always will remember as the black day in my life as I lost my pari on this day. I am so sad and I always missed her


Special Highlights

Good Morning



I woke up around 7 AM and I brushed my teeth and played with my dogs. After that, I had breakfast after the basic exercises. I took a hot water bath and did my daily worship to the god and goes to the market to buy some daily essential products from the market.

After reaching home I started my freelance work and made some SQL procedures for my overseas client.


Freelance work

Good Afternoon

In the afternoon I didn't take lunch as I didn't feel the hunger. I played with my pari and After that, I resume my work.

Good Evening

Around 6 PM I goes to the bhel center and bought the special bhel for the evening snack and after returning to the home I shared it with my mom. We ate the bhel with tea and after that, I did my daily worship of the god.



Visited the bhel center

Around 7:30 PM I saw the pari is doing some uneasy activity so me and my mom sit with her and within 5 minutes she suffered from a panic attack and passed away. She is only 4 months old but I have so many memories with her. I can't even believe this happens doctor reached the home by 8 pm and declared that my dog pari is no more. So we arranged the funeral for her and I stopped all the work and also informed my brother. We all cried a lot. At 12 O'clock I go to sleep. This is how I spend my day.

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